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Lynden provides solutions to your transportation and logistical challenges. Our multi-modal capabilities allow you to balance speed and budget when shipping to Alaska and worldwide.

Shipping to Alaska and Worldwide with our multi-modal capabilities.

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A variety of equipment, routes, and schedules available
Join the Lynden Team and deliver goods to Alaska and worldwide
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Get email notifications on shipments to Alaska and worldwide
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Top rankings in Air Freight Forwarder and Western Regional LTL categories
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While miles apart, Alaska and Hawaii reflect global trends
Article featuring Lynden shipping to Alaska and Hawaii

Who We Are

The Lynden family of companies provides transportation and logistics solutions in Alaska, Canada, the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii and around the world. Extensive multi-modal capabilities allow customers to optimize time and money by shipping via air, land or sea, or in any combination. For more than a century, Lynden has been helping customers get the job done. Count on Lynden for shipping to Alaska and worldwide!

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