EZ Commerce

Online shipping, billing and documentation system for frequent shippers

EZ Commerce enables document generation, shipment tracking, scheduling shipments, delivery receipts, and PDF invoices electronically, and also provides a variety of downloadable shipment activity reports. Request to be set up with an account or login to view current shipment information.

Powerful features that help you save time

Shipment details provided in Lynden's EZ Commerce

Shipment Information

Designed for customers with frequent shipments, our tracking feature allows you to view your shipment’s current status and obtain copies of signed delivery receipts, bills of lading, or invoices. You can search for shipments using a variety of reference numbers or based on a specific date range. Learn More »

Reporting options in Lynden's EZ Commerce


We put you in control of your important shipment information. You can view your reports online, download them to your computer, or receive them via email. In addition to standard reports, custom reports can be created to fit your specific needs. Learn More »

Create a shipment in Lynden's EZ Commerce

Create a Shipment

EZ Commerce lets you initiate shipments with Lynden at
the touch of a button. Frequent shipments can be saved as “templates,” allowing you to quickly repeat your regular shipments without having to re-enter information. The system will also fill out the appropriate labels and documents for your type of shipment. Learn More »

Emailed invoices through Lynden's EZ Commerce


Reduce your paperwork and save time by receiving invoices by email with supporting documents such as bills of lading and proof of delivery receipts. Learn More »

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Shipment Updates

Receive email notifications whenever your shipment hits certain milestones in the shipping process.

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