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Hiring Hercules C-130 Pilots

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At Lynden Air Cargo, we know what we carry is so much more than freight. With every mission we are supplying communities, supporting livelihoods, keeping projects on track, and moving the world’s most vital industries forward. We go to the hard-to-reach places, transport some of the most challenging loads, and achieve what seems to be the impossible – all in a day’s work.

It is rare in aviation to be able to do what we do. At Lynden, we refer to our employees as Everyday Heroes, and we mean it – skilled and talented professionals doing Important work and harnessing the grit and expertise needed to get the job done. But at Lynden Air Cargo our Everyday Heroes don’t wear capes – we fly on the wings of a Hercules, and we invite you to join us as we work together to accomplish the extraordinary and impactful.

Big Plane, Bigger Adventure

Lynden Air Cargo provides service to every continent in the world, with unique cargo moves and successful missions offering a level of adventure few other airlines can provide. As the largest and one of the only operators of Hercules aircraft in the world, Lynden Air Cargo maintains a unique set of services that takes us to places many will never have the opportunity to experience in their lifetime. From Alaska’s remote wilderness to the ice-encased expanses of Antarctica; from the far reaches of Africa to the untamed airstrips of Papua New Guinea – we go there, we get it done, and we love what we do. 

Hiring Hercules C-130 Mechanics

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Hiring Hercules C-130 Loadmasters

Fly from Anchorage to Anywhere

Lynden Air Cargo is on a short list of operators that has served all seven continents.


Lynden is proud to offer one of the most competitive and robust company benefit packages in the industry, including:

Competitive market pay

Profit share/bonus pay program

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

Scholarship program for dependents

Employee tuition assistance

Special consideration for veterans

401(k) retirement plan with employer match

Medical, dental and vision

Paid time off, extended leave and holidays

Employee assistance

Wellness programs

Ongoing training

Build your Balance

At Lynden, we know our people are key to success, and each member of our team is instrumental in our commitment to be the very best in our business. We also understand how important it is for our employees to find the right balance between work and play. That’s why we offer outstanding benefits for peace of mind; competitive pay to ensure you have the resources you need; and ample time off to recharge and balance your life your way. Most of our employees have been with us for decades and consider their co-workers family.

Employees working with Lynden Air Cargo and Hercules aircraft
Hercules loadmasters are hired by Lynden Air Cargo

Here for the Long Haul

Lynden Air Cargo is not only an airline; it’s part of a diversified family of transportation and logistics companies offering strength, depth, and stability. Lynden Air Cargo has been around since 1996, but the Lynden family of companies has been keeping freight moving with care, commitment, and innovation since 1906.

What Lynden Air Cargo Does Every Day

Frequently Asked Questions

Flight crew are paid a base wage of 60 guaranteed hours a month beginning at $110/hour for First Officers and $94.31/hour for Flight Engineers. For each day a crew member reports for duty, an additional hour of guarantee above 60 is secured. 

In 2021, Junior First Officer gross wages were between $103,00-$118,000. As of May 1, 2022, we have increased hourly wages by an additional 23%. Wages for Captain are comparable to industry 737/767 PIC wages but offer 14 consecutive days off per month.

In addition to the base of 60 guaranteed hours per month, crew members also receive an additional guarantee of one hour for each calendar day they are activated for duty. This can result in 15-31 additional hours of guarantee per month.

Yes. Per diem is paid at $69 per day for domestic flights and $74 per day for International Operations. This can range from approximately $300 – $1,100 per month, depending on assignment.

Yes, Lynden will match up to 3% of eligible wages per year. Crew members with more than one year of service can receive an additional 3% 401K company match, regardless of contribution.

Yes, Lynden Air Cargo offers premium pay for assignments over 15-days, challenging runways, some locations and certain duties.

Vacation buy-back: allows crew members with more than 1 year with the company to sell back their unused vacation at one half the original value down to their one-year accrual allowance.  

Annual CPI increase. Lynden Air Cargo consistently ensures employee wages are increased for cost of living requirements. Crew member wages are generally updated every April.

Yes, Lynden offers a discretionary performance-based profit-sharing bonus program.

Medical, dental, vision, 401(k), vacation and sick leave where applicable, paid time off, paid extended leave and paid holidays.

Yes, after 1 year of service regular full-time employees are eligible for an education reimbursement of half the cost of tuition, books, materials, etc., with a maximum of $3,500 per 12-month period.

Anchorage Gateway:

  • 5-on-5-off schedules (AM/MID/PM lines). These flights typically perform one or two out and backs from our Anchorage gateway on day trips. These are perfect schedules for crew members who work and play in Anchorage. Single out and backs can be completed by 10 a.m. giving the crew member most of their day back, or
  • Alaska AdHoc schedules afford a schedule of 17 days on duty with 14 consecutive days off. Two additional days off are provided for regulatory required rest during the 17 duty days, resulting in 15 days on duty and a total of 16 days off per month with 14 days being consecutive days off.

Other Gateways:

Lynden offers Gateway basing for some crew members depending on current commercial and base needs. Crew members are required to be within two hours of an appropriate airport for activation during scheduled days on duty. Crew members are only required to report for duty when activated.

  • Other Gateways offer a 17-day schedule with 14 consecutive days off and 16 total days off for the month.
  • Crew members can bid months back-to-back to acquire up to 28 consecutive days off.
  • Bid lines are also available for 90-day bid periods to allow crew members to lock in their days off 3 months in advance.

For assignments outside your Gateway, Lynden will provide positive space commercial travel to your assignment. Employees are able to collect traveler incentive programs within their own accounts for air miles and hotel points. All crew members living in the State of Alaska are considered Anchorage Gateway.

Due to the nature of their unique position, Loadmasters work a variety of schedules and shifts, with plenty of opportunities for overtime.

Anchorage based Mechanics can work a day, swing or night shift depending on department needs and availability. Typically, our Mechanics elect to work a 4-10 schedule where they are on shift for 10 hours a day for 4 days a week and are able to enjoy a 3-day weekend.

Our General Operations Manual (GOM) requires 5000 hours, but we have the ability to select applicants with Airline Transport Pilot-Certified Training Program (ATP-CTP) courses completed with flight time as low as 1000 hours. However, in order to be successful in completing the L-382 type rating, most applicants will need a year of two-crew operation, or extensive operation within Alaska to be successful. Any two-crew or three-crew experience, Herc experience, or extensive Alaska experience will allow an applicant with less than 5000 hours to be accepted and successful in training.

It generally takes about three to five years to move from First Officer to the rank of Captain.

Lynden Air Cargo maintains a fleet of nine Lockheed L-382G Hercules worldwide. This is a civilian version of the military C-130.

Throughout Alaska and around the world. Lynden Air Cargo specializes in remote locations, unimproved runaways, or areas with seasonal roads/barge access.

Lynden Air Cargo maintains its base in Anchorage, Alaska. Flight crews can be based in Anchorage, or can commute from a Gateway location to meet aircraft where they are positioned.

Lynden Air Cargo carries a range of commodities, from mail and groceries, to fresh seafood, household goods, vehicles, heavy machinery and animals. Industries we serve include mining, oil and gas producers, construction, marine, aviation, seafood, retail, military, disaster relief, and humanitarian aid.

Lynden is a multi-modal operation. Employees may transfer to other operating companies within Lynden and maintain their original years of service. Visit our jobs page for a complete list of open positions.

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