Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to our most commonly asked questions. If there is anything else we can assist with, please contact us

Please visit our Locations page for a list of service centers and contact information.

If your shipment has been checked in at our facility and you have the air waybill number, you can use our tracking options to monitor the status of your shipment. There are a few ways to track your shipment:

  • Visit our Tracking Center for basic freight tracking (no login required). Visit Tracking Center » 
  • For advanced freight tracking and to view shipment documents, sign up for EZ Commerce. Learn More »
  • Receive emails with your shipment’s progress by signing up for Shipment Updates. Sign Up »

Please visit our Schedules and Routes page for details on flight schedules and routes.

Yes, we can ship any vehicle that fits within our aircraft dimensions. Cargo must be less than 55.4 feet long, 10 feet wide and 9 feet high. Contact us for a quote or submit a request using our online form.

Vehicles, including snow machines and ATVs, must have as little fuel as possible in order to ship. We require less than ¼ tank of gas for shipping.

Yes. Contact us for a quote and details.

Submit a quote request using our online form. You may also view rates for our Scheduled Service on our Rates page.

Lynden Air Cargo offers three levels of Scheduled Service:

  • General Service moves freight within 3-5 scheduled service flights.
  • Express Service moves freight within 2-3 scheduled service flights.
  • Priority Service moves freight on the next available scheduled service flight.

Please contact a Lynden Air Cargo representative to ensure the service level meets the timeline needs of your shipment.

We operate the L382G Hercules aircraft. View cargo loading specifications and capabilities using our Hercules Load Planner.

With our rear loading ramp and oversize cargo capacity, Lynden Air Cargo can move everything from standard-sized pallets to heavy equipment. Internal touching dimensions are 10′ wide and 9′ high, with a maximum payload of up to 48,000 lbs. View our load planner and contact us to confirm load and fit.

Lynden Air Cargo has the equipment and the expertise to move your cargo to remote locations throughout Alaska, Canada and destinations around the world. Contact us for a quote!

The unique capabilities of our Hercules aircraft allow us to fly as low as 100 feet and land in remote areas without runways or roads. We specialize in remote locations, unimproved runways, or areas with seasonal roads/barge access. With coordination we can land on a runway built on sea ice, lake ice or ice formed on terrain.

Contact our On-Demand services team at 888-243-7248 or

Yes. Additionally, Lynden Air Cargo maintains special permitting to move specialized loads. Contact us for details.

We have performed missions on all 7 continents! Read more about past projects on our blog.

Lynden Air Cargo’s Hercules aircraft have been on the scene providing relief flights to help after earthquakes in Haiti, floods in Alaska communities, and hurricanes in the Caribbean, among others. We have worked with such agencies as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Red Cross and the U.S. Military to help provide support. The unique capabilities of our Hercules cargo planes allow us to fly as low as 100 feet and land in remote areas without runways or roads. Let us know how we can help! Learn more »

Yes, we work with smaller regional carriers to transport your shipment to village locations beyond our scheduled service hubs. Contact us for more information.

We do not offer packaging materials, such as boxes, bubble wrap, or blankets, at Lynden Air Cargo. All shipments must arrive ready to ship. If you need to palletize your items for proper shipping and handling, one can be provided by Lynden Air Cargo, and we can provide saran wrap to help secure the shipment. View our shipping guidelines for a brief list of reminders to help you prepare, package, and protect your goods for a safe journey.

There are some fragile and perishable items that require special packaging for transport, and may only be sent at shipper’s risk. Learn more and view the list of items commonly sent at the shipper’s risk.