How to Complete an Air Waybill

Download our fillable Air Waybill form and follow the guide below on what information needs to be provided. A completed air waybill will need to be submitted when you drop off your shipment. If you have any questions, please contact us.

lynden air cargo air waybill
air waybill section 1 to section 4

Section 1

Shipper’s name and address.

Section 2

Name, address, and phone number of the person or company who will be picking up this shipment at destination.

Section 3

Carrier (Lynden Air Cargo) and departure city.

Section 4

Destination airport city where Lynden Air Cargo will be shipping to.

Section 5

Select the type of air service you wish to use:

  • General Service moves freight within 3-5 scheduled service flights.
  • Express Service moves freight within 2-3 scheduled service flights.
  • Priority Service moves freight on the next available scheduled service flight.

Section 6

Billing party and account information.

Section 7

Please note whether the shipment and/or additional charges will be prepaid by the shipper or collect by the consignee. If you would like to declare a value, please do so here.

Section 8

If you would like to add insurance, please list the value of the item to be shipped here.

air waybill section 5 to section 8
air waybill section 9 to section 13

Section 9

Special requirements (if applicable) noted here.

Section 10

Number of pieces and weight (lbs).

Section 11

Description of the material to be shipped.

Section 12

Signature of the shipper.

Section 13

Indicate whether item to be shipped is considered dangerous goods.