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Note: our tracking URL structure has recently changed. For most customers this will have no impact, and you can continue tracking shipments like normal. However, if your company automatically generates Lynden tracking links, please email for details on the updated URL structure.

How do I find my Lynden tracking number?

Your tracking number will be between 6 and 8 digits long. Do not include the dash and extra number after the dash (if there is one). You may see the tracking number listed as “Pro Number” or “Shipment Number” on your Bill of Lading or other shipping documents.

Example of Lynden bill of lading with tracking number
On a Lynden Bill of Lading, the Pro number is usually located on the top right of the document.
Example of Lynden sticker with tracking number
On a non-Lynden Bill of Lading, there is usually a Lynden sticker included on the document providing the tracking number.
Example of Lynden Air Cargo air waybill with tracking number
On a Lynden Air Cargo Air Waybill, the tracking number is listed after the airline prefix on the top right of the document.

Advanced Tracking Options

If you don’t have a Lynden tracking number, you can still search for your shipments using reference numbers. These can include but are not limited to the unit number, purchase order, booking or quote number, and shipper bill of lading number.

Is another carrier bringing your shipment to one of our locations for us to transport it to Alaska or Hawaii? If so, you can track your shipment using the carrier pro number your shipment delivered to us on.

Simply enter that carrier‘s tracking number and carrier code (optional) to pull your shipment. On our tracking results page, you will see the updated shipment status as well as our assigned Lynden tracking number to use when tracking your shipment going forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your shipment being delivered to one of our locations? If so, there’s a chance we haven’t received your shipment yet. We suggest checking with the carrier that was bringing it to us to see if they have delivered yet, or checking back with us again in a day or so. If you are using Standard Tracking or Additional Tracking Methods and do not have a Lynden bill of lading number, reference number or connecting carrier pro number, please contact us at, 1-888-596-3361, or live chat with us.
Please contact us at, 1-888-596-3361 or live chat with us and we would be happy to locate your shipment with other details.


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