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Retail Logistics Services

In the competitive retail industry, success is based on product availability. Lynden’s retail logistics services makes sure its partners can depend on merchandise being in the store or on the shelf the day the customer wants to buy it. We have long-standing relationships with major retailers who trust us to manage not only shipping, but warehousing, door-to-door white glove delivery and assembly, inventory and fulfillment, or anything else that might be needed. 

Supply chain support for grocery and retail stores.
Knowledgeable staff provides tailored supply chain solutions.

We offer innovative, tailored supply chain solutions for offshore, domestic and international clients, including dedicated offices in the offshore markets of Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska. Together, we work as a team to help customers get products and merchandise, displays, kiosks and fixtures delivered to stand-alone stores, malls or to a warehouse for consolidations, just-in-time shipping or scheduled appointment deliveries. We offer complete supply chain services and multi-mode transportation options to keep the supply chain flexible for fluctuating inventory needs.

For seasonal sales and special promotions, we can adjust the speed of delivery with our unique Dynamic Routing using air, sea or land transportation. Inventory forecasting and control and purchase order management are other services we are happy to provide. Our relationships with carriers allow us to select the best mode and price for your unique product, timeframe and packaging. We are proud to provide the highest level of support, security and integrity to our retail customers.

Every shipment includes Lynden’s free online EZ Commerce system for tracking, tracing and reporting as well as other helpful online tools.

Expedited shipping options via air freight

Common Questions

Consider the following factors when shipping retail products:

  • Deliveries are often time-sensitive
  • Damage-free service protects against theft and pilferage
  • Be aware of any special delivery needs such as removal and discard of packaging and pallets
  • Peak-season capacity such as back to school and holidays
  • Mall delivery is usually after hours
  • Potential weather issues
  • Shipment tracking in real-time status
  • Consolidation services
  • Warehousing capabilities for offshore locations


    • Priority service is typically 1-2 days from the West Coast and 2-3 days from the East Coast.
    • Economy service is typically 3-5 days from all origins.

Puerto Rico

    • Priority service is typically 1-2 days from the East Coast and 2-3 days from the West Coast.
    • Economy service is typically 3-5 days from all origins.


    • Priority service is 1-2 days from the West Coast and 2-3 days from the East Coast.
    • Economy service is typically 3-5 days from all origins.

Look for a carrier, like Lynden, that understands retail logistics and ask about their processes for mitigating loss and damage. Make sure they can provide carton-level scanning, daily reports and final-mile services to ensure that the shipment is delivered to your customer with proof of delivery.

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