Company Overview

The Lynden family of companies provides transportation and logistics solutions in Alaska, Canada, the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii and around the world. Extensive multi-modal capabilities allow customers to optimize time and money by shipping via air, land or sea, or in any combination.

Lynden has built a reputation of superior service to diverse industries including energy, seafood, mining, construction, retail and manufacturing. Our culture of innovation, safety and service has made us an award-winning, preferred provider, and our business practices ensure the highest reliability with the lowest cost and impact to the environment. We believe that complex transportation problems can be solved in the hands of the right people, with the right tools and the right experience.

Lynden Mission

Innovative Transportation Solutions

In modern supply chains, transportation flexibility is key. At Lynden, we champion multi-modal solutions and work with our customers to build logistics plans using combinations of air, land, and sea options to best balance time and cost. As situations change we can adjust the modes as needed. We call this supply chain flexibility our Dynamic Routing program — you only pay for the speed you need.

With Lynden, you get a single company capable of handling all of these multi-modal options, without juggling different points of contact as your freight moves towards its destination. Our extensive fleet of company-owned equipment – including trucks, barges, Hercules cargo aircraft, specialized equipment for unique conditions, and thousands of trailers and containers – is capable of carrying virtually any size or type of cargo. We combine that with our decades of experience with ship and air freight forwarding to ensure your supply chain is linked wherever you need to go, worldwide.

When it comes to logistics, flexibility and transparency go hand in hand. Lynden’s online tools provide you in-transit shipment information in whatever way you find most convenient. Whether you are in the office or visiting a remote project site, freight details are available within seconds.

Our Story

Lynden has grown from a two-stop, two-truck operation in Lynden, WA to an international multi-modal logistics company serving customers around the world.

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Our Culture and Values

Lynden’s mission and values guide us to support each other and the communities we serve. We exhibit this in many ways such as sponsoring local youth sports teams, donating transportation, and fostering an environment of collaboration and empowerment. Our original philosophy of putting the customer first, working hard, delivering quality, being the best, and having fun throughout still influences everything we do. Read more about Lynden’s culture and values.