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Government and Military Logistics Solutions

Lynden proudly supports government and military logistics projects by providing one of the most globally diverse transportation services in the world. From flying weekly missions to air bases in Germany and Japan, to mobilizing shipments for Operation Enduring Freedom, we understand the unique challenges and deadlines of these projects. 

Hercules aircraft can ship to remote international locations, such as Antarctica.
Ship government and military equipment via truck, ocean or air services.

Our government and military logistics experience includes mission-critical barge and aircraft charters, as well as multi-modal shipments using our trademark combination of truck, marine and aircraft to meet time and cost objectives. 

Lynden has been a subcontractor for the Department of Defense (DOD) and a member of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) program since 1999. We have flown thousands of missions to locations around the world while providing a reliability rating of 90 percent or better – among the top of any CRAF carrier. We’ve also operated DOD Air Mobility Command (AMC) expansion missions and provided long-range radar site support since 1998.  

Our team of experts have supported many government and military logistics projects.
We’re familiar with transporting oversized government and military equipment.

Our long-standing relationships with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Red Cross have put us on the scene to assist with disaster and emergency response, firefighting, spills and environmental cleanup. Lynden is a certified EPA waste transporter and Arms, Ammunition and Explosives (AA&E) and Department of Defense Commercial Airlift Review Board (CARB) carrier.

To show our commitment to military and government customers, Lynden created a special Government Services Team with employees dedicated to serving this unique industry and its complex projects.

Every shipment includes Lynden’s free online EZ Commerce system for tracking, tracing and reporting as well as other helpful online tools.

Lynden’s Government Services Team can coordinate government and military logistics projects.

Common Questions

SCAC means Standard Carrier Alpha Code and is a unique two-to-four letter code used to identify transportation companies. SCAC codes can be obtained from the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA). They are a nonprofit membership organization, located in Alexandria, VA and can be found at

Yes.  Each operating company has their own SCAC code:

  • Alaska Marine Lines – AKMR
  • Alaska West Express – ALWE
  • Lynden Air Cargo – LYNC
  • Lynden Logistics – LYAF
  • Lynden Logistics Services – LYDO
  • Lynden Transport – LTIA

No, each of the groups mentioned above all utilize their own databases and there are multiple platforms within the DOD. The DOD uses an ETA system for tender filings and spot bids while traditional requests are sent through email. FEMA – typically uses annual tender rates entered through their procurement system (LSCMS) and the GSA typically requests rates and routes and awards go through their Transport Integrator site.

Doing business with the Government and Military can be complicated, so look for a company with experience and a proven track record, like Lynden.

We have the equipment experience solutions for your freight needs!

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