Tracking on the go

Get accurate, up-to-date shipment information directly from your iPhone or Android device. Search for individual shipments to view current status and basic shipment details. A streamlined claims submission process is also included in the app. To unlock additional features, sign in to your EZ Commerce account to easily view shipments without having to remember a tracking number; sort, filter, and search to find exactly what you are looking for, whenever you need it.


Simple Sorting

Sort your shipments by shipper, consignee, status, or Lynden company.

Star Favorites

Mark important shipments using the star feature so they can be quickly viewed later.

Custom Filters

Filter your search results by date received, consignee, or shipper.

Saved Searches

Filter criteria can be saved to quickly access frequent searches.

GPS Maps

In addition to written status updates, GPS maps are included with select active shipments.

Lynden's mobile app

Share Results

Export and email a spreadsheet of your shipment tracking results

Stay Alert

Receive shipment status updates via email by clicking on the alerts icon.

Individual Search

Search for a specific shipment by tracking or reference number.

View Documents

View and email documents like bills of lading, delivery receipts, and invoices

Equipment Numbers

Equipment numbers for active shipments are displayed in the search results.

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Integration with EZ Commerce

Many of the features require EZ Commerce, our free online shipping, billing and documentation system.

Shipment Updates

Receive email notifications whenever your shipment hits certain milestones in the shipping process.

Visit our Online Tools Help Center for tutorials on the Mobile App