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With Lynden's EZ Commerce, you can manage every aspect of your freight shipping process online.

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Lynden's EZ Commerce Center makes it easy to conduct business with innovative, advanced automation. EZ Commerce allows customers to request pickups, generate documents, trace shipments, view delivery receipts, download shipment activity reports and receive invoices electronically anytime without ever picking up the phone. The service is free to any Lynden customer and requires no minimum shipment or revenue commitment.

EZ Shipping/EZ Pickup

Once registered as a Lynden EZ Commerce Center user, simply login and choose the shipment mode and profile from the list of frequently used information. After making the appropriate selections from the drop-down lists the shipment process automatically begins. A shipment confirmation is sent to you, and Lynden handles the rest, including automated documentation. The system remembers your shipping information, and fills out the appropriate labels and documents for your type of shipment including Domestic Air Bills, International Shipper's Letter of Instruction, Export Declaration, Bill of Lading, Pickup Manifest, and Domestic or International Shipping Labels.

EZ Tracing

Lynden's EZ Commerce Center keeps customers in touch with their shipments through its EZ Tracing service. With EZ Tracing, customers can obtain detailed information like progress to destination or images of signed delivery receipts, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. EZ Tracing also allows customers to “drill down” into Lynden’s database for up-to-date status reports and other information including costs, reference numbers and shipment characteristics.

EZ Reporting

EZ Commerce customers have the advantage of managing the transportation process by downloading shipment information into detailed reports.  Available in Microsoft Excel, HTML, or comma-delimited file formats, the reports can be downloaded in any of four categories: Management Report, Operations Report, Accounting Report and Outstanding Balance Report. The Management Report displays the amount of freight your company has shipped for a specified period of time. Weight and pieces are shown for master bills with multiple shipments. The Operations Report displays shipping and receiving information including all status information for shipments within the specified date range. The Accounting Report displays accounts payable payment and cost information on shipments within a specified date range. The report only includes bills that have been invoiced. The Outstanding Balance Report displays any outstanding invoices, including links to shipping documents, charges, payments, adjustments and shipment details. You can download the reports anytime or schedule them to be emailed to you as often as you like.

EZ Invoicing

EZ Invoicing is the latest addition to Lynden's EZ Commerce suite of electronic services. When a customer signs up for EZ Invoicing they receive an email message notifying them that their latest invoice is available online. The email has a link to a PDF invoice, as well as links to important supporting documentation such as Bills of Lading and Proof of Delivery.


Lynden can initiate Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) programs tailored to customers' specific requirements. EDI allows the electronic sharing of vital information to improve accuracy, productivity and response time as well as reduce costs. Lynden uses the EDI*Port translation software package which supports any EDI standard, including ANSI X12, EDIFACT and proprietary standards. EDI*Port supports multiple standards and multiple versions of the same standards simultaneously. We can also implement XML transactions. Lynden's VAN is Transettlements. We have the ability to interconnect to anyone's VAN as well as directly to customer computer systems for EDI transactions via FTP, AS2.

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