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With Lynden’s EZ Invoicing feature, getting your invoices and other documentation has never been easier. This convenient and flexible solution allows you to receive all your invoices via email, eliminating piles of paper invoices. The transition is seamless and setup is quick.

Once your invoices are finalized, you will receive an email from us. The email will have an attachment containing the invoices. Open the attachment to view, print, or save the invoices.

If you wish to see the scanned shipping documents relating to the invoices, such as bills of lading or proof of delivery receipts, you can access them by using the link contained in the email that says “Click here to view available supporting documents.” You’ll be asked to enter your EZ Commerce username and password.

In addition, you’ll be able to view “Terms & Conditions”; another link within the email.

To get started today, sign up for EZ Commerce.