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  • Tracking

    Shipment Tracking

    Shipment Tracking allows you to view your shipment's current status.

  • Reporting


    Reporting puts you in control of important shipment information.

  • Create a Shipment

    Create a Shipment

    Initiate shipments with Lynden at the touch of a button.

  • Invoicing


    Receive all your invoices via email, eliminating piles of paper invoices.

  • Shipment Updates

    Shipment Updates

    Automatically receive status updates via email.

  • Mobile App

    Mobile App

    Get access to your shipment information, anytime and anywhere using your mobile device.


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If you are experiencing issues logging into EZ Commerce please contact us at, 1-888-596-3361, or Live Chat with us.

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If you are using Standard Tracking or Additional Tracking Methods and do not have a Lynden bill of lading number, reference number or connecting carrier pro number, please contact us at, 1-888-596-3361, or Live Chat with us.

If you are using EZ Commerce Tracking and do not see the shipment(s) display, your account may have to be updated. Please contact us at, 1-888-596-3361, or Live Chat with us.

If you have any questions or do not find the information you are looking for, please contact us at, 1-888-596-3361, or Live Chat with us.


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