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Shipping to Alaska Since 1954

Lynden knows Alaska like no other transportation or logistics company. From pioneering the first regular trucking to Alaska with over-the-road service in 1954 to delivering mail and other essentials to remote Bush communities via hovercraft today, Lynden's network of service centers covers the state. Our service has now grown to include multi-modal shipping to Alaska including air cargo service, barge and ship freight, truckload and less-than-truckload freight service, as well as logistics.

Alaska's challenging terrain, weather, rough roads and remote destinations make incredible demands on people and equipment. As Alaska transportation pioneers, our employees still have that can-do spirit. Using trucks, ships, barge, ferry or aircraft in any combination, Lynden can offer you door-to-door speed, dependability and economy to any point in Alaska, whatever the size of your shipment. Dynamic routing lets you take advantage of all these services in combination to meet your speed and budget concerns. We can deliver anywhere in Alaska, and we mean anywhere.

We provide:

  • Daily and weekly schedules between all Alaska highway points.
  • Daily TL and twice weekly LTL service via the Alcan Highway from Seattle/Tacoma to all points in Central Alaska.
  • Complete interstate Central Alaska TL and LTL capability via motor/water/motor routes, and weekly barge service from Seattle to Whittier/Anchorage.
  • Twice weekly barge from Seattle to all Southeast Alaska ports. Weekly interport and Central Alaska connections.
  • Seasonal barge service to major ports and more than 65 villages in Western Alaska and the Arctic coast, including Utqiagvik (Barrow).
  • Air service to, from and within Alaska including regular scheduled flights and charter services to most communities. Our Hercules aircraft can land almost anywhere!
  • Customizable online tools to help you track and manage your shipments whether you are at a desk or a job site.


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Shipping to Alaska Since 1954

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