Freight Claim Information

Our goal at Lynden Transport, Inc., is to transport and deliver your shipment without damage or loss so that a claim is never needed. While our claim ratio is consistently one of the lowest in the industry, if an unfortunate circumstance would require that a freight claim be filed, the claims process is designed to determine liability and provide the means to resolve them in a prompt, fair, and courteous manner. Please review the information here before filing your claim and if you have any questions regarding the claim process. Lynden Transport is a participating member of the National Motor Freight Traffic Association and all shipments, services, and freight claims are governed by law and unless part of a negotiated contract, subject to NMFC rules and the standard terms and conditions of our General Rules Guide Tariff and bill of lading published therein.

For shipments delivered by Lynden Transport and signed for using another carrier’s delivery receipt, Lynden Transport acted solely as a contracted delivery agent on their behalf and any claim for loss or damage must be filed directly with the billing carrier.

Important points to note:

  • It is the consignee’s responsibility to inspect their shipment for loss or damage without delay upon delivery. Accurate piece counts and inspections of your freight must be made promptly and any damage or discrepancy noted on the delivery receipt before our driver departs, unless prior arrangements have been made with us. For concealed damage discovered after delivery, you must notify us immediately upon discovery and show in your claim why you believe the damage is our liability.
  • When receiving freight, please be aware that stamps or notations such as “Subject To Inspection” offer no legal protection and do not relieve the consignee from their obligation to inspect their shipment without delay upon delivery. Such notations will not be considered in the investigation and determination of the claim.
  • For damage claim consideration, written, or emailed notification of damage or your intent to claim must be received within 15 days of delivery. Notations of damage on the delivery receipt or phone calls do not meet this requirement.
  • For short or missing freight, you must notify us as soon as you are aware of the shortage and within 15 days. Lynden Transport reserves the right of 30 days from the date of notification to attempt to locate and deliver your goods before a claim will be accepted.
  • For shipments originating in the US, you have 9 months from the date of delivery to present a claim (60 days if your shipment originated in Canada). Any claim presented beyond this is time-barred by law and will not be considered.
  • If you expect your claim value to exceed $1,000, an inspection of the damaged goods and packaging in the condition received must be arranged for by Lynden Transport or their representative. We will arrange this inspection once we are notified by you of the claim, and before any packaging materials or damaged goods are destroyed or disposed of. This is an important part of your claims process and if not done, your claim will likely be denied. This inspection may be waived at our discretion if the value is deemed less than $1,000. Please note that an inspection of damaged goods is not a claim or an admission of liability. It is a record of the condition of the goods at the time of the inspection only. You must still file a claim.
  • Repairs to damaged shipments should not be done prior to our inspection.

Filing a Claim

    • Once an inspection of damage is accomplished (if required), or for short or missing freight after a reasonable period of time, complete our Claim Form or a standard written Claim for Loss or Damage providing all required information and email to, along with all required documentation noted below. You may also mail it to:

      Lynden Transport, Attn: Freight Claims, PO Box 3725, Seattle WA 98124-3725

      or fax to: 206-575-9617 (do not fax your claim if including photos)

We require the following documents:

            1. Purchase invoice or receipt copy, evidencing your cost to replace the item. Destination, resale or retail pricing, or loss of potential profit cannot be claimed. If you are the manufacture, your cost to manufacture the item including overhead may be claimed. Carriers are not liable for sales tax or additional fees such as for disposal or environmental, unless incurred and paid by the claimant and shown on documents provided. All other consequential costs are not allowed.
            2. Repair estimate or invoice. Please note: Lynden Transport will not arrange for, or pay for repairs directly to the repair vendor.
            3. Pictures of the damage and all packaging. Please do not fax photos.
            4. For shortage or lost shipments, a copy of the shipper’s packing list with the items claimed marked or highlighted.
      • Within 30 days of receipt, we will acknowledge receipt of your claim in writing, or if all requirements have been met including receipt of your payment in full of all associated freight charges, we will conclude your claim providing settlement payment or our determination declining your claim for sufficient reason.
      • If settlement payment has been approved, the damaged goods are now the property of Lynden Transport for any salvage recovery that may be possible, unless declined by us or a salvage allowance was negotiated and deducted from your settlement. Contact Customer Service at your Lynden Transport Service Center to arrange pick up of these goods if required.

Damage Mitigation

      • Under Federal law, a claimant is required to mitigate their claim to the fullest extent possible by any means. For example, if the item is repairable at a lesser cost than replacement, the claimant is responsible to repair and file their claim for the lesser cost. If the item can be sold at a reasonable discount, it should be sold and the claim filed for the amount of discount only.
      • If you prefer to accept them as is, a reasonable compensation may be arranged for the inconvenience.


      • When goods are deemed a total loss without value or possible repair, if payment is made to settle your claim the items become the property of the carrier. Do not discard or remove the goods once a claim is approved unless written or emailed consent is received.
      • If you would prefer to retain the goods (salvage) we will take a reasonable salvage allowance or discount, reducing the amount paid on the claim.

If you have additional questions or concerns about the claim process that have not been addressed here, please feel free to contact us at at your convenience and we will be happy to assist you further.

Thank you for choosing Lynden Transport. We appreciate your business and the opportunity to provide a solution to your freight transportation needs.