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On January 1 2021, full compliance with existing Federal regulations regarding the elimination of the Other Regulated Materials-Domestic (ORM-D), and Consumer Commodity Classifications for Hazardous Materials moving on air, rail, vessel, and truck became mandatory. ORM-D markings for packaging were also completely phased out in favor of Limited Quantity (LTD) marking and labeling. Learn More »

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Shipping Dangerous Goods with Lynden Transport

Transporting hazardous materials with Lynden Transport is regulated by the US Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) regulations found in 49 CFR and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Please also be aware that certain hazardous materials also have restrictions by the vessel operators and may have to be routed differently in compliance with those requirements.

Lynden Transport does not package or prepare freight for transportation.  It is the Shipper’s responsibility to ensure that any shipment, including those with hazardous materials, is properly prepared for transportation by a trained and qualified person, packaged, packed, marked and/or labeled, and declared correctly in the shipping papers in compliance with federal regulations.  

If you have questions regarding shipping a particular hazardous material to Alaska, our Customer Service Team is ready to assist or connect you with someone able to answer your questions, or direct you to the right place for the information you need.

For information regarding shipping Limited Quantity hazardous materials and those formerly described as a Consumer Commodity or ORM-D, please view current regulations from the PHMSA.

View Lynden Transport’s Hazardous Materials Certificate

Protective Services

Lynden Transport provides protective service on products susceptible to freezing. In order to initiate this service a notation of “Protective Service Required” or “Keep from Freezing (KFF)” must be noted on the inbound Bill of Lading. This service will be assessed a charge listed in Lynden Transport’s Rules Tariff STB 101-B.

Lynden Transport provides Temperature-Controlled services: Shipper must identify to Carrier in writing on the bill of lading any perishable, temperature controlled, keep from freezing, chilled, or frozen goods. Shipper shall identify in writing to Carrier the nature of the goods and the specialty conditions, temperature, etc. under which they are to be transported. These services will be assessed a charge listed in Lynden Transport’s Rules Tariff STB 101-B.

Packaging Requirements

For less-than truckload shipping in Alaska, packaging requirements are the same as in the contiguous 48 states. These regulations are outlined in the National Motor Freight Classification. Lynden Transport does not offer packaging services.