Shippers Interest Insurance

Are your goods sufficiently insured?

Lynden Logistics employs strict freight handling procedures and works closely with our carrier partners and agents to reduce the likelihood of shipment loss or damage. We also take a collaborative approach with our customers to minimize loss and damage. Although uncommon, if a claim situation does occur it’s important to remember our limit of liability may not be enough to offset cargo losses. Lynden’s standard limit of liability limits is:

  • $.50 per pound for domestic shipments (within the United States)
  • $500.00 per piece for domestic and international ocean shipments
  • 22 Special Drawing Rights per kilo for international air shipments

Why consider shippers interest insurance?

If you select shippers interest insurance for your shipments, your cargo will be covered at full value if loss or damage occurs in transit. In addition, the benefits of shippers interest insurance are not contingent upon Lynden’s acceptance of liability. These benefits include:

  • Full door to door coverage
  • Reimbursement for the full value of goods
  • Covers cost, insurance, and freight (CIF), plus 10%
  • Applies to any damage or loss, even those due to external factors (natural disasters, acts of war, acts of God)
  • Easy claims resolution process

Are there any excluded commodities?

Commodities that cannot be insured with shippers interest insurance include:

  • Household goods and personal effects
  • All fine art and antique shipments including paintings, sculptures, ceramics, drawings, graphics, architecture, watercolor, and figurines
  • Plasma screens
  • Auto body parts
  • Aircraft engines
  • Glass
  • Dangerous goods
  • All musical instruments
  • Used machinery
  • Precious metals (other than as part of a product or commodity otherwise insured), jewelry, securities, accounts bill, currency, deeds, evidence of debt, money coins, notes or other similar valuables
  • (Exception of crabs and mollusks) live animals, birds, reptiles, eggs, plants, and flowers

What information is needed to secure shippers interest insurance?

When selecting shippers interest insurance for your next shipment, please be sure to have the following information ready:

  • Name of insured
  • Name of assured
  • Commodity
  • Cargo specifications (weights, dims)
  • Packing details
  • Value of goods
  • Percentage of cargo to be insured – 100% or 110%
  • Ready date of cargo
  • The dates Lynden will possess and release the cargo, if known
  • Pictures of the commodity and packaging