Alaska Marine Lines Barge Service to Alaska and Hawaii


Directions to Seattle

Delivery Instructions

From I-5, southbound or northbound:

  • Take exit #163 and follow signs to the West Seattle Bridge.
  • Cross the river and take the Delridge Way exit. Stay in the far right hand lane down to the stop light.
  • Make a soft right at the light. The next light is a major six-way intersection. At the light, get into one of the two left hand lanes to continue straight.
  • Follow the sign for West Marginal Way S.W.
  • Continue heading south to 6700, 5615 or 5600 West Marginal Way locations.

Alternate Route on I-5 Northbound:

  • Take exit #156, Highway 599 northbound
  • Go straight through one light following the sign for W. Marginal Way SW.
  • The road will veer under the 1st Avenue Bridge. Continue straight through one light.
  • Turn right at the next light on to West Marginal Way SW heading north. 6700 and 5600 are on the right, 5615 is on the left.

From I-90:

  • Continue on I-90 to I-5.
  • Go Southbound on I-5.
  • Take exit #162 (left hand exit I-5 northbound)- Michigan Street, Corson Ave. South.
  • Get into the right hand lane of the off-ramp.
  • Turn RIGHT on Michigan. Follow the signs for 99 South, 509 South and 1st Avenue Bridge.
  • Stay in the right hand lane (exit only) on the bridge for 99 South, West Marginal Way and South Park.
  • Follow West Marginal Way to the right. When the road becomes 3 lanes, get into the middle lane.
  • Turn LEFT at the light, onto West Marginal Way SW.
  • Follow West Marginal Way SW, heading north. 6700 and 5600 are on the right, 5615 is on the left.

From Downtown Seattle:

  • Go south on First Avenue.
  • Turn right on Spokane Street.
  • Cross over the lower Harbor Island Bridge.
  • Take the West Marginal Way SW exit (hard right turn) off the bridge.
  • Head south on West Marginal Way SW to 5600 and 6700 locations on the left and 5615 on the right.