Serving Our Community

At Alaska Marine Lines, we believe in giving back to the communities where we do business. We have proudly served our home state and its residents by providing assistance in emergencies and meeting unique requests such as delivering a ceremonial totem pole to a Tlingit village or building supplies to construct an evacuation bridge in an Arctic borough.   

One of our company’s proudest moments was keeping the supply chain intact during the pandemic shutdowns. Our continuous barge sailings from Seattle to Southeast Alaska provided a dependable lifeline to residents and kept businesses up and running. We still make good on that promise each week – bringing essential supplies to our communities. Some say they can set their clocks by our barge arrivals.

Alaska Marine Lines uses its equipment for good by delivering tribal canoes to remote villages, school buses to Alaska communities, potable drinking water in emergencies, and much more. In 2019, AML donated the delivery of the Together Tree from Revillagigedo Island in Ketchikan to Juneau to display at the Governor’s holiday open house. We sponsor youth sports teams across the state, like the Bristol Bay Angels, along with tournaments, and Special Olympics events. We even have a sports field named after us in Sitka in recognition for our part in its construction. Alaska Marine Lines was named the Philanthropic Business of the Year by the Juneau Community Foundation, and it received an Outstanding Contributor Award from the Alaskans for Litter Prevention and Recycling (ALPAR) for transporting recyclables from Alaska to Seattle.

For everyone at Alaska Marine Lines, from forklift operators to reefer mechanics, the people and places of Alaska matter. We conduct our regular business each day, but we also consider the ways we can use our tugs, barges, and landing craft to improve the lives of our fellow Alaskans. Wherever and whenever we sail, we proudly represent the people of our home state.