Temperature-Controlled Solutions

Lynden offers customized, end-to-end protection of temperature-controlled products through our entire supply chain network. Each Lynden facility is equipped with a variety of different coolers and freezers designed to accommodate sensitive healthcare products ranging in temperature from deep frozen to ambient temperatures (-80°C to 22°C).

Temperature-controlled storage at Lynden facilities.
We support deep frozen to ambient temperature healthcare products.

Once the product leaves our facility, our qualified transportation network delivers on-time and within temperature range. Our network consists of strategic partners that specialize in temperature-controlled solutions with access to all distribution points within Canada. No matter where you are, we deliver. Even the most challenging locations are within reach with our packout solutions qualified to extreme Canadian conditions. Lynden offers custom single-use packaging solutions as well as turn-key reusable solutions with a managed return logistics and refurbishment process.

All temperature-controlled equipment is in compliance with Health Canada Guidelines.

Temperature Control Simplified

  • 96-hour reusable packout solution (payload range: 3.5L to 28L)
  • 48-hour disposable packout solution (payload range: 2L to 15.5L)
  • Packaging consulting team
  • Validated carriers for parcel and pallet loads
  • Wide range of temperature control available (-80°C to 22°C)

We have the equipment experience solutions for your freight needs!

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