Facilities & Locations

Lynden has a network of facilities across Canada strategically located to service the country with short lead-times. The network also provides a practical continuity plan for regional business disruptions as operations can be conducted, as a value added service, from an alternative site.

Facilities located throughout Canada including Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, among others.

A sample of the many services we provide:

  • Warehouse and Inventory Management
  • Chain of Signature for Narcotics and Controlled Substances
  • Cold Chain Management
  • Quarantine and Release Process Management
  • Lot Control, Lot Tracking, Lot Recalls
  • Clinical Trials and Special Access Programs
  • Regulatory Consulting
Canada Service Centers

Calgary, AB
Email: salesinfo@lynden.com

Delta (Vancouver), BC
Email: salesinfo@lynden.com

Guelph, ON
Email: salesinfo@lynden.com

Milton, ON
Email: salesinfo@lynden.com

Vaughan (Toronto), ON
Email: salesinfo@lynden.com