Lynden Training Center personnel may act as advisors to all volunteers/employees/employers/prospective students to determine which type of training is appropriate to their needs. Applicable training courses are determined by the participant’s job description/responsibilities and previous documented training.

Personnel who need to attend training courses should refer to the description of each training course. Personnel attending a refresher or supervisor training course shall provide one of the following as part of your registration process:

  1. Documentation of completion of initial training in the form of a certificate or letter from a previous training experience; or
  2. A written statement from your employer of the experience(s) and/or training equivalent to an initial training course; or
  3. A personally written document of experience and/or training equivalent to an initial training course may be acceptable on a case-by-case basis subject to Lynden Training Center approval.

Personnel unable to produce items 1, 2, or 3 above are advised to enroll in an initial training course.

Students must attend all sessions of each day to be eligible to participate in the performance evaluations necessary for certification. Attendance will be taken at all instructional sessions each day of training. In order to provide workers and/or their employer with an assessment of their skills, abilities, knowledge, and a certificate completion, students will be required to successfully pass written examination by 80% and participate in 100% of the classroom discussions and exercises. Class will start promptly at the stated times. Frequent short breaks will be provided throughout the day. No smoking will be permitted inside the classroom facility. Adjournment times scheduled may vary slightly depending upon class size, student participation, and events scheduled. Casual dress is encouraged.

Full tuition must accompany each registration form prior to the beginning of each class or payment arrangements must be made with us before the course start date. Reduced course fees are available to employers/firms/departments with five (5) or more attendees in the same session. Substitutions of personnel may be made at any time prior to the start date of the course.

Course fees include a $50.00 registration fee. Attendees will receive an 8.5″ x 11″ Certificate of Completion and a pocket size card.

Coffee and water will be available during classroom and field exercise sessions.

Treasury regulation 1. 162.5 permits an income tax deduction for educational expenses, which may include registration fees and cost of travel, meals, and lodging, undertaken to:

  1. Maintain or improve skills required in one’s employment or other trade or business, or
  2. Meet express requirements of an employer or a law imposed as a condition to retention of employment, job status or rate of compensation.

Course cancellations due to insufficient enrollment (fewer than 10 students) or other unforeseen circumstances will be made by Lynden Training Center a minimum of 3 working days before the scheduled class or course delivery date. The total amount paid by the student/employer will be refunded when classes are canceled by Lynden Training Center.

Failure to attend any seminar once a student is registered and paid does not constitute withdrawal. Upon receipt of written notice 3 days prior to the first day of class, student cancellations will either be credited to a later class, or be given a full refund, less the $50.00 registration fee. Refunds for cancellations by students or Lynden Training Center will be mailed within 5 working days and may be based on the percentage of hours attended using the following schedule:

10% or less:90% refund
11 to 20%:80% refund
21 to 25%:55% refund
26 to 50%:30% refund
51 to 100%:no refund

It is our sincere intent to prevent grievances. If a grievance is brought to our attention, we will do everything possible to address it at the lowest level. If this fails, the grievance procedure is as follows:

  1. Present the problem to the lead instructor as soon as possible without disrupting the other students, during a periodic break, or at the end of the class day. If not satisfied;
  2. Present the problem to the Director of the Lynden Training Center. If not satisfied;
  3. Present the problem, in written form, documenting circumstances, steps followed, and conclusions at each step to the HSSE Director at Alaska West Express, 1095 Sanduri Street, Fairbanks, AK 99701, phone 907-452-4355. If not satisfied;
  4. Present the problem with the related written documentation to the President of Alaska West Express, 1048 Whitney Road, Anchorage, AK 99501.
  1. Description of Career Planning and Placement Services: we are always available to discuss these issues and suggest resources available in-state, however we assume no liability implied or otherwise for discussions or decisions made by the student.
  2. Financial Aid Services: we do not provide financial aid, however we can suggest possible resources.
  3. Activities and Organizations: there are no activities beyond the stated training services available at this location. However, we can suggest safety and emergency response-related organizations and associations open to those interested.
  4. Library and Learning Services: we do not provide these services, but can suggest other resources.
  5. Finance and Accounting Services: student and vendor accounts payable and receivable are provided by the Alaska West Express, Inc. accounting personnel through the Fairbanks Terminal.
  6. Evidence of Liability Insurance Coverage to Protect the Students: Alaska West Express, Inc. carries liability insurance through National Union Fire Insurance Co. for personnel involved in sanctioned courses. Students should have their own medical insurance and workman’s compensation insurance.
  7. Transfer of Credits: no school can guarantee that credits from courses are transferable even when they are ACE approved. It is up to the discretion of the receiving school and depends on the comparability of curricula and accreditation. For a handling fee, a transcript of the student’s attendance and credits may be available upon written request by the student.

Lodging, meals, transportation, and other ancillary costs are the responsibility of the student or employer and are not included in the cost of the training course. Fairbanks is served by Alaska Airlines, Delta and with connections from Anchorage. Lynden Training Center cannot assume any liability for travel related delays, expense or loss; However, our staff will attempt to assist in any way possible.

Many of our programs described in the catalogue require the use of respirators or Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA). Employer and students should be aware, that by state regulation the wearer of a respirator or SCBA cannot allow facial hair to interfere with a positive seal between the face and mask. In addition to the clean-shaven requirement, students must be physically and medically fit to use respirators or SCBA. The student is responsible for contacting a physician prior to enrolling to ensure physical fitness for such activities.

When additional instructors are required, prospective individuals are interviewed and evaluated to determine their knowledge and professional experience based upon:

  • previous employment and responsibility history;
  • public speaking abilities;
  • knowledge of health and safety regulations and procedures;
  • knowledge of environmental regulations and procedures;
  • training experience and abilities;
  • educational background;
  • real-life experiences;
  • hands-on experiences;
  • general knowledge of course materials.

Lynden Training Center follows a complete protocol in the selection of new instructor candidates using interviews, resumes, and researching required references to establish the background experience of the candidate.

Important! Read Our Student Safety Guide