Hazardous Materials Training

Lynden Training Center, a division of Alaska West Express, provides hands-on workplace safety training in hazardous materials transportation, emergency response for hazardous materials, and the Incident Command System (ICS).


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Our team has decades of combined experience in emergency response and hazardous materials transportation. Many of our instructors serve on community response teams and local committees. Meet our Instructors »

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Client Specific Training is a customized class for your specific needs. These can be conducted at our facility or we can send a team to yours. Please view our course schedule for available dates to book client specific training and register using our online form. For more information on the trainings offered or any other questions, please contact us.

Guiding Principles


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Conduct all activities with HONESTY, HONOR, and TRUTHFULNESS.


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Expect and embrace change. Look for what could be, challenge the status quo, and don’t be afraid to improve existing products and practices. Pursue innovation, invention, creativity, and experimentation with the goal of creating a better solution, improving a product, and enhancing the customer experience.

Value Creation

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Create long-term value for our customers, the company, and community through optimization, innovation, and waste elimination.

Self Awareness

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Embody humility and intellectual honesty. Constantly seek to understand and constructively deal with reality to create value and achieve personal improvement. Hold yourself and others accountable.


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Take responsibility to act, apply critical thinking skills and sound judgment, have initiative, take charge, foster teamwork, produce quality, and maintain a sense of urgency to all that we do.


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Treat others with dignity, honesty, respect, and sensitivity. We are stronger with teamwork and diversity.

Customer Focus

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Anticipate our customers’ needs, exceeding their expectations by paying attention to every detail of the delivery of our products and services. Delivering an exceptional customer experience every time.


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Encourage fulfillment, enjoyment, and meaning in all that we do.


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Seek and share knowledge through experience and education by perceiving, discovering, and learning. We will use inquisitiveness to drive our pursuit for knowledge.


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Strive for compliance with laws and regulations at all times and in all actions. We will inform our customers of the laws and regulations and help them comply as we can.