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Relief Flight Capabilities:

We are proud to provide relief flights to assist in the recovery efforts of devastated areas. The Hercules cargo planes are ideally suited for this work with the ability to fly as low as 100 feet and land in remote areas without runways or roads. Our sophisticated avionics systems allow us to communicate and operate safely in the most challenging conditions with no power or infrastructure. Lynden's aircraft can support payloads up to 48,000 lbs., allowing for the transportation of connex boxes and drive on, drive off loading for vehicles and equipment. Lynden Air Cargo is an EPA-certified waste transporter, capable of carrying all types of hazardous loads including contaminated soils, fuel, oily waste, flammable liquids and other dangerous cargo to assist in many emergencies and natural disasters. With our multimodal capabilities and array of transportation equipment, Lynden is the first and logical choice for disaster relief and emergency response.

Lynden has experience supporting relief efforts

Lynden Air Cargo has assisted with relief efforts around the world. Our Hercules aircraft have responded to earthquakes in Haiti, supported a peacekeeping mission in the African Congo and mobilized relief flights to help those affected by Hurricanes Irma, Jose, and Maria in the Caribbean. On the ground, we have delivered emergency supplies to flooded Alaska communities and rescue dogs to New Orleans to help search for victims of Hurricane Katrina. Our crews and support personnel are ready to respond to bring aid to those in need.

Disaster Relief Flights

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