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Relief Flights to Haiti:

We will continue to provide relief flights as required to assist in the recovery efforts of the devastated areas. Our aircraft are ideally suited for this work and our crews and support personnel are rapidly responding to bring aid to those in need.
- Judy McKenzie, President, Lynden Air Cargo
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Lynden assisting with Haiti relief flights.

Lynden Air Cargo, utilizing Hercules cargo planes, is assisting with the Haiti relief effort. The Hercules planes previously have been used for relief efforts in Somoa and Indonesia, as well as other locations around the world. News and information about the Lynden Air Cargo relief flights can be found below. This page will update as things change.

Relief Flight News and Information

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Relief Flights to Haiti

Lynden Air Cargo plane loads Haiti-bound supplies.
(Photo: - AP Photo / Jacquelyn Martin)