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Fuel Surcharges


For the week of January 11, 2021 through January 17, 2021 fuel surcharges via Lynden Transport are as follows:

Route Service Fuel Base Utilized Per/Gal FSC Notices
Lane 1 Ship -
Fuel Roll-in
Steamship based service and Household Goods service between lower 48 and Alaska points (excluding Southeast Alaska) for customers with pricing subject to the fuel roll-in N/A 21.5%
Lane 2 Central
Alaska Barge - Fuel Roll-in
Barge based service between lower 48 and Alaska points excluding Southeast Alaska; Barge based service between Central Alaska and Cordova, AK N/A 16.0%


Lane 3 Southeast
Alaska Barge
and Marine
Barge based service between lower 48 and Southeast Alaska points; Marine Highway service N/A 6.0%  
Lane 4 Air
(Involving Interstate
Same as Lane 1 or Lane 1B N/A


Lane 4A Air
(Involving AK
Intra-state Shipments)
  N/A 30.0%


Lane 5 Interstate
Service between continental US Points other than those described in Lane 6 and Alaska Points; Service between continental US points and Canadian Points; Service between Canadian Points and Alaska $2.670 19.6%
Lane 6 West Coast
Interstate Highway;
Alaska Intra-state
Service between the states of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho and Nevada; QuickTrans Service; Highway service between points within the state of Alaska $3.139 25.9%

Central Alaska points include, but not limited to: Anchorage, Fairbanks, Kenai, Soldotna, Palmer, Wasilla, Seward, Homer, Cordova, Valdez, Kodiak & Prudhoe Bay.

Southeast Alaska points include, but not limited to: Ketchikan, Sitka, Juneau, Petersburg, Wrangell, Haines & Skagway.

Lynden Transport's highway service fuel surcharges are adjusted each Monday based on the fuel price indexes as published by the Energy Information Association (EIA) for the week. Further information and complete highway tables are provided via the link shown below.

Fuel Surcharge History

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