Bethel Small Boat Harbor Bank Stabilization

Location: Bethel, Alaska
Project Dates: 2014
Owner: City of Bethel
Contract Amount: $3,794,246
Status: Complete

Project Details: The project consisted of placing approximately 4,600 tons of B Underlayer Rock and 3,700 tons of Armor Rock slope protection along 350 linear feet of the entrance channel. B Rock was also placed along two highly-erodible slope locations within the harbor. The remaining banks (500 LF) not stabilized by the B Rock were cleared and stabilized using geo-web. This stabilization utilized an 8″ geo-web in combination with an underlying geofabric. The geo-web was filled and covered with 12 inches of 3″ minus material. These slope sections were built at a 4:1 slope so the area could be used for small boat moorage while still protecting the harbor from erosion. The Armor and B Rock, meeting Corps of Engineering Specifications, were barged in from Unalaska, Alaska for placement on the project. Quick production and mobilization of these materials allowed Knik to accelerate the schedule. Placement was completed in sections so that the active harbor could remain operational at all times. Close communications and cooperation between the City of Bethel Harbor Master, DOWL HKM Engineers, and Knik Construction was paramount in the success of this project and achieving one-year early completion.