Leeward Airfield Guantanamo Bay Cuba

Location: Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
Project Dates: 2007-2012
Owner: NAVFA Southeast
Contract Amount: $50,000,000 and $25,551,723
Status: Complete

Guantanamo Bay IDIQ Paving and Resurfacing

Project Details: This was a five-year IDIQ contract that consisted of the rehabilitation and reconstruction of various base-wide roads at the Naval Station at Guantanamo Bay. Knik removed and disposed of up to eight inches of existing road base and replaced it with crushed aggregate base course and bituminous asphalt pavement. Knik produced all aggregates for the base course and asphalt paving and installed pipe culverts as well as large concrete box culverts. A majority of the work was performed on the perimeter road along the fence line separating Cuba from the Naval Base. Security was extremely important. Knik worked closely and successfully with the Marines to meet their requirements and complete the project quickly.

Leeward Airfield and Windward Housing and Magazine Roads

Project Details: The original contract was to overlay asphalt on the Leeward Airfield Runway and taxiways and remove and replace joint sealant on a portion of the airfield’s concrete apron. The project also included cold planing as well as runway and taxiway painted markings. Knik mobilized the project with one bargeload of equipment and materials from Seattle and two bargeloads from the U.S. Gulf Coast. A 450-ton-per-hour portable asphalt plant was set up at the Leeward Airfield and later moved to the windward side of the Naval Base. Aggregates for the airfield project, approximately 32,000 tons, were imported by barge from Florida and Jamaica. The asphalt cement was barged using Knik’s special 28-ton-capacity shipping containers built for remote site paving. Additional road paving projects were added for various housing and magazine roads on the windward side of the base. Additional road work consisted of milling off and removal of the existing surface and sub-base and replacement with crushed aggregate and asphalt paving as well as some asphalt paving overlay.