Hooper Bay Airport Improvements

Location: Hooper Bay, Alaska
Project Dates: 2015-2017
Owner: State of Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities
Contract Amount: $25,767,875
Status: Complete

Project Details: This project rehabilitated the Hooper Bay Airport to include resurfacing of the existing runway and runway safety area, relocating the apron, resurfacing and extending the taxiway to the new apron, and constructing two new single-bay snow removal equipment buildings (SREBs). Airfield electrical improvements included the installation of a new runway and taxiway edge lighting system. Also included was a new segmented circle with lighted wind cone, and the addition of an unlighted supplemental wind cone. Landside improvements included the reconstruction of the existing access road, construction of an access road extension to the new apron, and relocation/extension of utilities to the new apron. Hooper Bay does not have a deep-water docking area capable of supporting large barges. Due to the lack of local material sources, all aggregates for this project had to be barged in from remote sites. Knik relied heavily on its barging expertise and resources in order to supply the large amounts of aggregate required to complete this project.