Henderson Airfield Taxiway Improvements

Location: Midway Atoll
Project Dates: 2013
Owner: Defense Base Services, Inc./Chugach Alaska
Contract Amount: $6,263,205
Status: Complete

Project Details: Midway Atoll is located 1,250 miles northwest of Honolulu, Hawaii in the National Wildlife Refuge managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Logistic challenges proved to be the most difficult aspect of this project. Nearly all materials and equipment were brought onsite in one barge load. Knik’s crew was chartered in on a private jet to the Midway Atoll. The physical work of this contract was only allowed in September and October due to the sensitive hatching patterns of the wildlife on the island. After the contract was accepted, Knik had just two short months to gather all the materials and equipment and ship them nearly 3,000 miles across the Pacific Ocean.

Asphalt was produced in Knik’s 450-ton-per-hour state-of-the art portable Astec Asphalt Plant. All equipment and materials needed for this paving contract had to be mobilized to Midway Atoll. Using a 315-foot barge, Knik moved their specialized 5,000-gallon asphalt shipping containers, portable asphalt plant, all additional support equipment, and part of the aggregate via a chartered barge to Midway. Work then began to remove the existing taxiway surface. During this time the barge made two roundtrips to pick up the remaining aggregate used for asphalt production. The contract was completed ahead of schedule, and Knik demobilized all equipment and personnel from the island well within the contracted finish date.