Milky Way, a division of LTI, Inc.Bulk Milk Transportation


Bulk Milk Transportation Services

LTI, Inc.'s Milky Way division is a leading bulk milk hauler in the Pacific Northwest. Every day of the week, trained, courteous drivers pickup milk from dairy producers, using custom built state-of-the-art stainless-steel tankers. Truck-mounted pumps, developed by Milky Way operate without external power allowing our drivers to stay on schedule, loading and offloading liquids even during power outages at customer sites.

With terminals strategically placed throughout the northwest, Milky Way has the capability of picking up milk with the highest level of safety and service. We are always striving for the newest innovative transportation solutions to better serve our customers as well as remain competitive in today's world.

Safety, In and Around the Company

While we're proud of our modern equipment, we believe the quality of a business is determined by the quality of its people. Many of our support staff and drivers have been with us for over 20 years, some drivers are veterans of the famous Lynden-Alaska Alcan Highway run. That adds up to a lot of experience. Our drivers maintenance and support employees are drug-tested, trained transportation professionals with outstanding safety records. Our entire fleet of tractors is equipped with on-board computers to monitor our safety program along with the safety of transported materials.

LTI, Inc. maintains a team of trained and skilled personnel in hazardous spill and incident response for responding quickly to potential hazardous situations. Our training provides new innovative equipment along with accident-prevention training to ensure safety on the job.

Bulk Milk Transportation Services