North Slope Development Logistics

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Lynden Oilfield Services, a division of Alaska West Express, provides North Slope development logistics and supports exploration, production, and service companies working to develop Alaska’s oil and gas resources.

Transportation and logistics are critical to the activity on the North Slope. Our services include support for drilling contractors, chemical suppliers, camp support, construction, and all phases of resource activity on and off the road system throughout the North Slope and offshore Alaska.

Alaska’s North Slope continues to grow, focused on the redevelopment of existing fields and expansion into new resource areas. Increased volumes and expansion to fields beyond Deadhorse require additional hauling and logistics support. Expansion of the logistics support base in Deadhorse creates efficiency and flexibility while maintaining the vital link for inbound air, trucking, and barging services.


North Slope Development Logistics

Logistical Support

  • Intra-field hauling including same-day delivery
  • Water, fuel, and bulk liquid hauling
  • Materials distribution
  • PistenBully snowcats can pull loads in difficult winter conditions using custom-built sleighs
Freight delivery on Alaska's North Slope

Logistics and Multi-Modal Services

  • Small package and freight operations, including cross-docking, pickup and delivery, and on-site customer service
  • Freight operations and delivery as required
  • Air charter operations with consolidation
  • Hovercraft operations
  • Local trucking operations
In-field logistical services at Lynden Oilfield Services

In-Field Logistical Services

  • Established operating base in Deadhorse
  • Equipment to support the expanded services
  • Knowledgeable staff on site
  • Lynden’s last-mile services
  • Existing processes and IT infrastructure to leverage operations
  • Existing expertise in: bulk materials, warehousing, heavy haul, pipe handling, multi-modal operations, LTL operations, small package delivery, and pick up service
North slope storage services including bulk materials

Storage Services

  • Pipe
  • Packaged materials in Lynden containers or on the ground
  • Bulk materials in Lynden bulk tanks or on-site storage silos
  • Storage at Lynden or customer location using Lynden trailers, containers on wheels, or grounded containers


Safety is a top priority at Lynden Oilfield Services

At Lynden, safety is our No. 1 priority. Our companies have been recognized year after year for incident- and accident-free operations in the most challenging conditions on land, air, and sea. Keeping our employees, customers, equipment, and environments safe is our most important objective each day.

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