Alaska Marine Lines Platform Equipment

40′ Platform 102″ Wide


Length Width Height
16.5" – 19 3/4"

The above table shows the range of possible dimensions for this equipment type.

Weight (lbs)*

Tare Weight Max Gross
10,490 – 12,140
73,000 – 75,000

This page is meant to provide a general example of the type of equipment available in the Alaska Marine Lines fleet. There can be variations in size, weight, and availability. Please contact us to confirm specific equipment specifications if cargo being shipped is close to equipment specification limits.

Cargo best suited for platforms is cargo that cannot be loaded or unloaded from a container and does not require protection from weather. For cargo that is moving on standard platforms, the maximum cargo height is determined by the legal limits of highway operations. In most western states the cargo and platform height cannot exceed 9’6″ and 14′ while loaded to the chassis. Also, cargo width is limited by highway laws. Cargo up to 8’6″ in width is okay. Please call if you have cargo that you think might exceed these dimensions. We can make special arrangements for these loads.

* All loads must not exceed legal road limits when moving over public roads. Costs due to over loading are to the account of the cargo. The weights provided above are defined as:

  • Tare: Weight of the container without cargo.
  • Gross: Maximum designed weight of container with cargo.

Highway Max: Estimated maximum cargo or payload weight allowed by Washington State while moving on standard tandem axle chassis on public roads. Learn more »