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Bulk Transportation Services

Within this ever-demanding business world, customers must rely on innovative transportation solutions to help them remain competitive. LTI, Inc. has been helping its customers meet and exceed their transportation needs by providing exceptional service, equipment and personnel.

Our success has been directly tied to our ability to respond quickly and responsibly and with our dedicated service to our customer. With custom-built equipment specifically designed and tailored for your sensitive and industrial jobs, it's no wonder we are setting standards in today's transportation world.

Safety, In and Around Our Company

While we're proud of our modern equipment, we believe the quality of a business is determined by the quality of it's people. Many of our support staff and drivers have been with us for over 20 years. Some drivers are veterans of the famous Lynden-Alaska Alcan Highway run. That adds up to a lot of experience. Our drivers, maintenance and support employees are drug-tested, trained transportation professionals with outstanding safety records. Our entire fleet is equipped with on-board computers to monitor our safety program along with the safety of transported materials.

LTI, Inc. maintains a team of trained and skilled personnel in hazardous spill and incident response for responding quickly to potential hazardous situations. Our innovative equipment and accident-prevention training ensures safety on the job.

LTI, Inc. is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Washington Department of Ecology to transport industrial waste materials.

Liquid and Dry Bulk Commodities

LTI, Inc. has turned the transportation of sensitive liquid commodities into a science. Our custom-built, quality stainless-steel tanks, which meet or exceed all DOT requirements, are designed to maintain elevated temperature materials at an even temperature of over 400 degree's F, over long hauls. Transportation with LTI, Inc. offers:

  • Skilled, trained personnel in all fields
  • Specially designed equipment tailored for job demands
  • Innovative safety solutions

Some of the different commodity groups LTI, Inc. specializes in are:

  • Molasses
  • Aggregates
  • Lignin
  • Petroleum coke
  • Aluminum
  • Coal tar pitch
  • Molten sulphur
  • Chemicals

Edible Commodities

LTI, Inc. goes all out to protect your products and your reputation with a fleet of year-round dedicated tank trailers that are specifically designed for the sanitary transport of edible and seasonal crops in the Pacific Northwest. For protection, our custom built corrosion-resistant stainless-steel tank interiors can assure a sanitary environment for your products. Each year we respond to many Washington farmers' needs by hauling their delicate goods with care and safety, along with the proper assurance of a maintained temperature and sanitary environment for these goods. Some of the goods we haul are:

  • Grapes, grape must and wine
  • Raspberries
  • Fruit concentrates, fruit juices and fruit slurry

LTI, Inc. also specializes in the transport of food products for animals in the Pacific Northwest, and maintain a fleet of year-round dedicated equipment tailored towards this industry.

LTI, Inc. can transport large quantities of potable water. With custom-built trailers we can assure you and your company a clean, sanitary environment for all your delicate and bulk edible commodities.

Our Milky Way division is a leading bulk-milk hauler in the Pacific Northwest.

Bulk Transportation Services