Lynden Oilfield Services - North Slope Development Logistics and TransportationNorth Slope Logistics and Transportation


Services provided by Lynden Oilfield Services include:

Logistical Support

  • Intra-field hauling including same day delivery
  • Water, fuel and bulk liquid hauling
  • Materials distribution
  • PistenBully snowcats can pull loads in difficult winter conditions using custom-built sleighs

Storage Services

  • Pipe
  • Packaged materials in Lynden containers or on the ground
  • Bulk materials in Lynden bulk tanks or on-site storage silos
  • Storage at Lynden or customer location using Lynden trailers, containers on wheels or grounded containers

Logistics and Multi-Modal Services

  • Small package and freight operations, including cross docking, pickup and delivery, and on-site customer service
  • Freight operations and delivery as required
  • Air charter operations with consolidation
  • Hovercraft operations
  • Local trucking operations

In-Field Logistical Services

  • Established operating base in Deadhorse
  • Equipment to support the expanded services
  • Knowledgeable staff on site
  • Lynden's last mile services
  • Existing processes and IT infrastructure to leverage operations
  • Existing expertise in: bulk materials, warehousing, heavy haul, pipe handling, multi-modal operations, LTL operations, small package delivery, and pickup service
Logistical Services and Storage