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Logistics for the Seafood Industry

Lynden provides an integrated chain of logistics services to the seafood industry. Bring us your fresh or frozen catch and we'll make sure it is delivered in top condition to wherever you need it to go. We can package it, refrigerate and store it, or send it on its way via air, land or sea to markets in the U.S. or worldwide.

The combined capabilities of the Lynden family of companies offers seafood customers the option of multi-modal delivery via land, air or sea. We accommodate the needs of fishermen, processors and restaurants by transporting freshly caught seafood by barge and ferry to Seattle, by air to Asia and other international locations, or by truck to locations in Alaska or the Lower 48. Lynden can also keep your seafood safe and cool in its cold-storage facility in Anchorage until you decide where you want it to go. We offer inventory services with detailed shipping reports available on a daily basis.

As your handling agent and partner, we provide freight forwarding, refrigeration, storage, inventory management, billing, shipping and, of course, continuous temperature control of your product. You can count on us to handle your perishable seafood with care and efficiency and to deliver it on time and within budget.

Our Anchorage facilities include a 3,500-square-foot cooler, a 30,000-square-foot warehouse and direct access to the loading ramp at Anchorage International Airport.


Packaging is critical in the seafood industry. Without proper refrigeration, airtight containers and monitoring, valuable seafood shipments may spoil resulting in a loss of revenue and reputation for our customers. At Lynden we're known as the "cold guys." We know how to pack seafood to control temperature and prevent leaks. When we receive fresh product from inbound air or surface carriers, it is immediately placed under refrigeration. Temperatures are continuously monitored and electronic records are kept. We tender the seafood to outbound carriers as close to departure time as possible to keep it cool as long as we can.

Lynden packs your seafood according to industry standards, but goes beyond to secure long-term freshness. We use wetlock cartons secured with at least two bands for cod, salmon or other lighter weight seafood, and at least three bands for heavier seafood like halibut. Each carton is lined and secured at the top with a cinch tie. We keep a supply of wetlock cartons and liners on hand to repack any damaged or leaking cartons that may come into our warehouse and offices. Leave it to us to keep your perishable seafood fresh, cool and table-ready.


Lynden recommends that customers purchase cargo insurance to protect their valuable seafood shipments. By special arrangement, our customers may buy broad shipper's interest cargo insurance that covers damage due to decay or deterioration if an airline flight exceeds 48 hours. The policy also covers damage to shipments traveling less than 48 hours as long as the cargo is packed according to air carrier standards for refrigerated freight. The policy covers against all risks of physical loss or damage subject to standard cargo policy terms, conditions and exclusions.

Insuring your perishable seafood is a wise investment.


When buying cargo insurance, it is important for customers to purchase the right amount of insurance as per the policy's valuation clause which reads:

Goods to be insured at shipper's Cost plus Freight plus 10%, or if sold prior to transit, at shipper's invoice cost to buyer plus freight, if not included in the invoice, plus 10%.

This means that if the goods are not sold to another party at the time they go into transit, they should be insured for the shipper's cost plus freight plus 10%.

Example where goods are not sold at time of shipment:
Cost of Goods to Shipper $20,000
Freight $1,000
Plus 10% $2,100
Amount of Insurance needed $23,100

If the goods are being shipped to a buyer, the shipper must insure the goods for the invoice price to the buyer plus freight, if not already included in the invoice price, plus 10%.

Example where good are sold to buyer at time of transit:
Invoice Price to buyer (Selling Price) $27,000
Freight not included above $1,000
Plus 10% $2,800
Amount of Insurance needed $30,800


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