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Global Health and Humanitarian

Multiplying Capacity WorldWide

Lynden Logistics supports clients' humanitarian, relief, and health programs on a global basis and in many challenging, underdeveloped corners of the world. We strive to be the most effective logistics partner for these programs by simplifying their typically complex logistics requirements. Our efforts help clients multiply operating capacity through cost savings, reliable timetables, efficient communications, and Lynden's position as a knowledgeable, experienced planning resource. This means US government agencies, multi-national companies, non-profit organizations, and commercial business enterprises can all concentrate on their core competencies, leaving the transportation and logistics challenges to us. We are committed to a 360-degree partnership with these entities, helping each meet critical health and humanitarian needs throughout the world.

A partner for rapid response, global projects and health and humanitarian programs

Lynden Logistics has met unique and complex customer challenges for over 40 years. In that timespan, the range of requirements we've supported and variety of tasks performed has produced precise operational tools, extensive management expertise, and a developed body of organizational knowledge that helps our clients do more and reach areas previously thought unreachable. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Emergency response to health crises and natural disasters
  • Facilitation of worldwide medical distribution
  • Program logistics management including:
    • United States Agency for International Development (USAID) support
    • Cold chain services
    • Electronics and data systems shipping

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Lynden Logistics is a proud member of the Washington Global Health Alliance and Life Science Washington

Global Health and Humanitarian