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Service Guide

Shipping with Lynden International

Damage Avoidance

From pickup through to delivery, Lynden International employs damage avoidance procedures. A key ingredient is a process we call the reverse alert. Reverse alerts allow origin stations to automatically receive a progress report on shipments from destination stations. This reverse alert will comment on recovery from the carrier, and includes information with regards to packaging condition, piece count, and on-time scheduling. In each Lynden terminal there is a strict procedure for keeping docks clean and doors secure, as it is critical to us that we reduce damages as much as possible.


An important part of damage avoidance lies in packaging. For most commodities, please click here to view our applicable Tariff 10 (for domestic) and Tariff 20 (for international.)

Packaging is the responsibility of the shipper. For more specific assistance, Lynden representatives can provide guidance, or provide a list of reputable packaging company names and phone numbers.

Claims Information (Domestic only)

Lynden International's Claims Department is prevention-oriented. They work closely with operations personnel to insure careful handling and security of all shipments handled by the company. In the unlikely event that damage or a loss does materialize, the resulting claim receives prompt and courteous attention by Lynden's Claims Department. Within a few days after filing a claim, the claimant will receive an acknowledgment letter containing a claim number for reference. To report a cargo claim, please follow these procedures:

  • All claims (except overcharges) must be received in writing by Lynden within 90 days after Lynden accepted that shipment. Concealed loss or damage must be reported in writing to Lynden at destination within 7 days after delivery. Claims related to perishables must be reported verbally within 24 hours after delivery, with written follow up within 48 hours after delivery.
  • No claims will be paid until transportation charges have been paid. Claims may not be deducted from transportation charges.
  • Legal action to enforce a claim must be brought within one year after the claim has been denied in writing by Lynden, in whole or part.

For shippers who may wish additional protection on selected or all shipments, Lynden International makes declared value protection available, as well as risk insurance

Declared Value and Risk Insurance

Lynden International provides excess declared value protection for shippers who elect to declare a value in excess of our normal tariff liability ($0.50 per pound per piece). By declaring value consistent with the value of their merchandise, shippers are afforded protection against loss and/or damage to their goods that is the direct result of carrier or forwarder negligence. A. A shipment will have a declared value of $0.50 per pound per piece, but not less than $50 per shipments, whichever is higher, unless a higher value is declared on the shipment. B. An additional transportation charge of $0.50 shall be required for each $100 (or fraction thereof) by which the value declared on the Airbill at the time of receipt of the shipment from the shipper exceeds $0.50 per pound per piece or $50 per shipment, whichever is higher. Shippers who elect to purchase insurance on the Lynden International Airbill are entitled to all the benefits of declared value protection, plus the added protection against lost and/or damage caused by adverse weather, earthquakes, etc., commonly described as Acts of God. The insurance charge is $0.60 per $100 of the value declared on the Lynden International Airbill.

Oversize Freight

Oversize restrictions can apply due to several factors which can vary. Your Lynden International professionals are trained in the varying size restrictions on individual shipments. Contact your local Lynden office (to find your nearest office, view our Service Directory) or contact Lynden's Worldwide Communications Center for specific information and assistance at: 1-800-926-5703.

Hazardous Materials Handling

Carriage of various restricted articles may require alternative routing. Restricted articles may be rated as exceptions as published in the respective Lynden International tariff if accepted for carriage and alternative routing is required. Please click here to view our applicable Tariff 10 (for domestic) and Tariff 20 (for international.)

Service Conditions, Rules, and Charges

All shipments are subject to Lynden International Rules Tariff 10 (for domestic) and Tariff 20 (for international.)

Shipments Not Acceptable for Service

All shipments not acceptable for service are subject to Lynden International Rules pertaining to Tariff 10 (for domestic) and Tariff 20 (for international.)

Guarantee Policy/Refunds

A. If a guaranteed shipment is late for any reason; except failures due to weather, strikes, riots, civil commotion or any other unpredicted disaster, Lynden International will refund to the party liable for transportation charges as follows:

  1. Next Business Day Shipments: The difference between Next Business Day service rates and Second Business Day service rates.
  2. Second Business Day Shipments: The difference between Second Business Day service rates and Fifth Business Day service rates.
  3. Fifth Business Day Shipments: 10% of Fifth Business Day service rates.

B. Conditions for Refund

  1. Requested service must meet service parameters as published in this Service Guide.
  2. Payments are required in full before refunds are permitted.
  3. All requests for refund must be submitted in writing within 30 days following the shipping date to: Service Control Coordinator Lynden International P.O. Box 84167 Seattle, WA 98124
  4. The following information must be provided to the Service Control Coordinator in writing: a) Lynden International bill number b) Date of Shipment c) Payment Information: 1) Check Number 2) Check Amount 3) Date of Check

C. Shipments not eligible for refund

  1. International Shipments
  2. COD and FCCOD shipments
  3. Restricted Article/Hazardous Materials
  4. Oversize freight
  5. Overweight freight

C.O.D. Processing

The change for collection and remitting of C.O.D. will be a minimum charge of $15 or 1.5% of the amount to be collected whichever is greater.

Business Days/Holidays

Business day means Monday through Friday except for the following holidays, or the official day of observance of these holidays:

US   Canada   Puerto Rico
Christmas Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Memorial Day
New Year's Day
President's Day
Thanksgiving Day
  Bank Holiday (ON/MB)
Boxing Day
British Columbia Day (BC)
Canada Day
Christmas Day
Dominion Day
Good Friday
Labour Day
Natal Day (NS)
New Year's Day
New Year's Day
Remembrance Day
  Constitution Day
Good Friday Day
New Year's Day

Deliveries normally scheduled to be made on a day of holiday observance will be scheduled to be delivered on the following business day.

Lynden Air Waybill

Follow these instructions when filling out the Lynden International Air Waybill (please press firmly):

  • Check the appropriate service description box for the type of service you desire: Customer Specified (may result in additional charges) Next Business Day - by 5PM Second Business Day - by 5PM Fifth Business Day - by 5PM
  • Enter the date your shipment is tendered to Lynden International.
  • Enter your shipper's reference number to help us identify your shipment.
  • Enter your consignee's purchase order number or other reference number.
  • Enter the complete shipper name and address. Please remember to include the zip code.
  • Enter the complete consignee name and address. Include the zip code.
  • Select payment terms and If billing is to 3rd party other than shipper or consignee, enter the complete name and address. Include the zip code.
  • Next, describe the contents of your shipment: Enter the number of pieces, a brief description of each piece, the dimensions -- length, width, and height in inches, the weight of the piece, and the dimensional weight (pounds per cubic inch).
  • Check the additional services required for your shipment (See Note below).

Note: Counter-To-Counter is a service for moving freight the same as passenger baggage. However, an additional surcharge is applied for the use of this service. Contact your local Lynden International office for further details.

  • If desired, enter either the insurance or the declared value of your shipment in the appropriate box - it can only be one or the other.
  • Check the box indicating the form of payment you choose.
  • Be sure to sign the Airbill here.

Determining Chargeable Weight

The costs to transport freight are dependent upon aircraft space and weight limitations. Thus, bulky shipments requiring considerable aircraft space are often charged a dimensional weight. Each shipment tendered to Lynden International is charged according to the actual weight or the dimensional weight, whichever is greater. If you need assistance, please contact the Lynden International Worldwide Communication Center.

Determining Density

Actual Weight is the weight determined by measuring the shipment on a certified floor platform scale. Dimensional Weight is calculated as follows: length x width x height dimensional factor (cubic inches per pound.) Dimensional Weight is always rounded up to the next whole pound.

Example :

10" x 12" x 15" box, 50 pounds. Actual Weight = 50 lbs. Dim Weight = 12 x 10 x 15 = 10.84 = 11 lbs. Dimensional Factor = 166 (domestic) (Note: International DIM =139) The actual weight exceeds the dimensional weight. Thus, the actual weight (50 lbs.) will be used as the chargeable weight for the shipment.

How to Determine Density

Density is expressed in pounds per cubic foot. To determine density, you must first determine the volume of the shipment. Volume is calculated as follows: length x width x height (If measured in inches, your result must be divided by 1728 to determine cubic feet.) Next, divide the actual weight of the shipment by the cubic feet to determine density.

Example :

0" x 12" x15" box weighing 50 pounds

Step One: 10 x 12 x 15 = 1800 cubic inches. 1800/1728 = 1.04 cubic ft.
Step Two: 50 lbs./1.04 = 48.07 lbs. per cu. ft. Density

Lynden International Invoice Details

A description of the Lynden International invoice follows:

  • Lynden's Airbill number, tariff origin station (city), and date shipped.
  • Name and address of shipper. Reference number can be included here.
  • Name and address of consignee. A reference number can also be included here.
  • Payment due date. Our terms are net 15. The date shown is 15 days after the date the bill posts.
  • Number of pieces and description of item(s) shipped.
  • Shipment information: Actual weight, reweight, dimensionalized weight, density, tariff scale, rate per pound or per hundred.
  • Breakdown of Lynden International charges.
  • Tariff destination city.
  • Dimensions of freight.
  • Declared value if any.
  • Service Level: Next Business Day, Second Business Day, Fifth Business Day.
  • Billing name and address on invoice.
  • Freight terms indicating if shipment went prepaid, collect, or third party billing.
  • Account code for billing customer.
  • Total amount owed.
  • Proof of delivery signature and date as entered from the delivery receipt into the Lynden International information system. The signature will be typed, not handwritten.

Canada Customs Invoice

**Detailed Instructions on how to prepare a Canada Customer Invoice!**

The Lynden International Shipper's Letter of Instruction (SLI)

Lynden International's "Shipper's Letter of Instructions" supplies Lynden with all the information necessary to process your shipment for export. At the same time, it fulfills the "Shipper's Export Declaration" form required by the U.S. Customs for export of goods valued over $2,500. (Please Press Firmly.)

**Detailed "How-To" instructions for filling out an SLI!**

Documentation and Banking

All export documents are prepared by Lynden based on the customer's specific instructions. Documentation includes all commercial invoices, certificates of origin, shipper's export declarations, air waybills, or ocean bills of lading. Commercial invoices will follow the customer's prescribed format, and will be consistently applied to all shipments and destinations.

Lynden Expo Air Waybill

Contact your local Lynden office (view our Station Directory to find the office nearest you), or call our World Wide Communication center at: 1-800-926-5703 to schedule a pick up. Our representatives will determine your requirements, assist you with your Lynden Air Waybill, and provide you with a rate estimate.

**How to fill out a Lynden Expo Air Airbill:

  • Specify the type of service you want. Customer Specified Service (you specify the date and time) Next Business Day service provides overnight delivery of your critical shipment by 5PM. We also offer Second Business Day (5PM delivery), Fifth Business Day (3-5 day delivery by 5PM the fifth business day) and LTL (6-12 day deferred delivery). Service is guaranteed.
  • Fill in the show name, your booth number, address and drayage contractor as indicated. Shipper's account number and reference number are optional.
  • Fill in your destination. If you are shipping your freight to another show, please indicate the show name, booth number, address, and drayage contractor. Shipper's account number and reference number are optional.
  • Indicate billing preference.
  • If charges are to be billed to another party, indicate address.
  • Identify number and type of pieces. Fill in weight and dimensions of each piece, if known (all pieces are measured and re-weighed at your Lynden station.)
  • Declare a value and purchase insurance if desired.
  • Indicate special handling requirements.
  • Sign in the space provided.
  • Label each piece with a Lynden label.
  • Deliver your Lynden Expo Air Airbill to the Exhibitor Service Area. Save a copy for your records