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Freight Services

EZ Commerce: We've turned E-Commerce into "EZ" Commerce!

Lynden's EZ Commerce Center makes it easy for our customers to conduct business anywhere in the world with innovative, advanced automation, including:

  • EZ Shipping: request pickups, generate documents, create labels, print BOL's...and much more!
  • EZ Tracing: trace shipments, observe progress to destination, download delivery receipts, etc.
  • EZ Reporting: customize a report with the info you need, email/download in various formats, etc.
  • EZ Communications: Update Lynden instantly about your shipment without picking up the phone!<
  • EZ Invoicing: Email notifications, view PDFs of your invoices and get links to your BOLs & PODs

** To request access to EZ Commerce, click here

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Lynden's advanced computer system enables shipment status or freight bill information to be transferred electronically to your computer. The flexibility of our system, combined with the expertise of our data processing personnel, give us the ability to accommodate many customer computer systems. Lynden can accommodate EDI using either of the following two methods:

Via a direct link between your host computer and the Lynden International main computer.

Via file transfers between personal computers. File transfers can be processed by Lynden or by your data processing department. For this method, a PC, modem, and communications software are needed.

Pickup Services

Lynden International can arrange pickup service around the clock, 365 days per year. For pickups during regular business hours, we request one hour prior notification. For time-critical shipments, special after hours or weekend pickups are available as needed.

House Stops

If necessary, a regularly scheduled daily or weekly pickup may be arranged to aid customers with their shipping schedule.

Pickup Charge

Pickup charges will be based on the total aggregate weight of the pickup, regardless of the number of airbills or freight destinations.

Service Audit Report

This report lists overall on-time service performance and can be requested for any desired time period. From this report, one can find service information for each individual shipment, plus each lane segment.

Proof of Delivery Report

Proof of delivery information can be included on the service audit report, or on a specialized proof of delivery report. Either way, we can make it easy for one to receive signature names, plus time and date delivered on all traffic.