Lynden International


Service Guide

Domestic Services

Between Points in the U.S. Including Puerto Rico

Lynden's array of time definite Domestic Services provides a full range of door-to-door service levels between more than 6,000 cities in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Domestic services includes the following service levels:

  • Next Business Day Service: Delivery by 5PM of the next business day.
  • Second Business Day Service: Delivery by 5PM of the second business day.
  • Fifth Business Day Service: Delivery within three-to-five days, up to 5PM of the fifth business day.

Please note: Business day is defined as 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, excluding Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays.

Definition of Service

The following link lists the airport codes and zip codes for locations served without a beyond charge. Pick ups and deliveries in those cities and zip codes listed are made within the service level requested.

Please note: For Hawaii outer islands apply unlisted city surcharge for appropriate outer island locations. Service may require an additional day.

Unlisted City Surcharge

For airport codes and zip codes for cities in this Service Guide, transit may require an additional business day by a connecting service carrier. For each airport code or zip code for cities not listed, please contact your local Lynden representative, or call Lynden's Worldwide Communication Center at: 1-800-926-5703.

Airports Served

Lynden International services nearly all locations throughout the U.S. For inquiries about a specific service point, contact your local Lynden office (View our Service Directory here) or email our corporate Marketing team at: