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Service Guide

Canada Services

Between points in Canada and the U.S. including Alaska and Hawaii.

The Canada Service program provides a full range of door-to-door service levels between more than 700 Canadian cities and 6,000 U.S. cities. The Canada Service program includes the following service levels: Next Business Day Service: One to two day delivery*. Second Business Day Service: Two to three day delivery*. Fifth Business Day Service: Three to five day delivery*. Please note: The term "delivery" may mean the transfer of customs documents to the customer's designated broker. Business day is defined as 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, excluding Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.

Definition of Service Codes

The following definitions apply to the Service Codes column in our Canada service listed city section: *: Primary Canadian City - Service commitments listed above. O: Secondary City - Add one day to Primary city service commitment. E: Extended City - Add two or more days to Primary city service commitment.

Definition of Beyond Charge Codes

The codes listed in the column titled "Beyond Charge Code" in the Canada service listed city section refers to additional delivery/pick-up charges applied for service to/from outlying Canadian points. For actual beyond charges refer to your Lynden representative.

Unlisted U.S. City Surcharge

For U.S. cities not listed in this Service Guide, transit may require an additional business day by a connecting service carrier. For each city not listed, add the following charges to the applicable zones/rate: Next Business Day Service: $0.40 per lb. subject to a $30.00 minimum charge. Second Business Day Service: $0.20 per lb. subject to a $25.00 minimum charge. Fifth Business Day Service: $0.15 per lb. subject to a $20.00 minimum charge.

Unlisted Canadian Cities

For Canadian cities not listed in this Service Guide, call your Lynden representative for an individualized rate quote and service commitment.

Documentation Services Available

Lynden International provides several document preparation services including:

  • Letters of Credit processing
  • Preparation of "Shipper's Export Declaration"
  • Correction/edit of export documentation

For more information on points serviced and our Canada capabilities, please contact our Toronto office at: (905) 858 - 5058.