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  1. What do you do to prevent duplicate billing?
    Lynden International has set corporate standards for data capture. By incorporating electronically generated entry into our system at every step of the shipping process, data is captured in a manner that virtually eliminates the possibility for human error. In an effort to improve even these processes, as standard practice we also review all data compiled for accuracy before applying it to a given function.
  2. How do you ensure billing accuracy?
    By electronically capturing customer requirements for billing, applying rates through the same process, review of all invoices before billing and actual billing through electronic data interchange, Lynden International can provide optimum results in regard to billing accuracy.

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  1. What is your claims process?
    Lynden International is committed to providing a fast and efficient claims settlement process that delivers immediate response on damaged or lost shipments. We promote fast response by issuing a schedule of approved loss adjusters for each territory who will assess damages within 48 hours of notification.

    To file a claim, customers can either submit a Lynden claims form (available at all Lynden locations) or notify Lynden's Corporate Claims Manager in writing with the following information:

    Claimant's name and address
    Dollar amount of claim
    Reason for claim
    The Lynden airbill number or copy thereof
    Copies of sales invoices and when applicable, repair invoices, estimates, or work orders

    Within two days of receipt of the claim, Lynden assigns the claim a number and sends an acknowledgment letter to the claimant advising that an investigation has been initiated. When indicated in the acknowledgment letter, an outside inspection firm is assigned to the case.
  2. How can I get a claims form?
    Lynden claims forms are available at any Lynden location or via our website here:

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Fuel Surcharge

  1. How does Lynden International apply fuel surcharges?
    Lynden International's FSC is based on an evaluation of multiple fuel types and sources as charged to us by our service providers. This evaluation is completed on an as needed basis, but not less than once per month. When adjustments to the FSC are required, posted levels will become effective one week later.

    Separate FSC levels are maintained for domestic and international cargo, both being charged based on shipment chargeable weight.

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General Company Information

  1. What is your legal company name?
    Lynden Air Freight, Inc.
  2. Where is your company headquarters located?
    18000 International Blvd
    Suite 700
    Seattle, WA 98188
  3. What is your general email address?
  4. What is your country of incorporation?
    United States
  5. Is Lynden a public or private company?
    Lynden is a privately-held company.
  6. Is your company union or non-union?
    Lynden is a non-unionized.
  7. Please provide your total revenue for each of the past three years? As a privately owned company we do not publish an annual report and consider all financial information strictly confidential. However, we can supply financial information if necessary for participation in a formal Request for Proposal process, and with a signed non-disclosure agreement in place.

    Lynden International's financial status is a key factor in our ability to uphold successful relationships with customers. We are backed by the financial strength and stability of our parent company, Lynden Incorporated. Established in the early 1900's, Lynden Incorporated has a successful business history of nearly 100 years and maintains a very low debt structure as part of its fundamental practices. This lends to our ability to support short and long-term relationships with our customers, including capacities to invest in new technologies, employee development, and company infrastructure as needed to continually improve performance.
  8. How long have you been in business?
    Lynden International was established in 1977.
  9. How many employees do you have?
    Lynden International employs approximately 450.
  10. What is your core business?
    Lynden International is a full service freight forwarding and Integrated Logistics Company.
  11. Is your business a Minority or Women owned Business Enterprise?
    Lynden does not qualify as a Minority or Women owned Business Enterprise.
  12. What is your Mission statement and Corporate Philosophy
    To provide the highest value transportation service and innovative logistics solutions specific to the needs of our customers worldwide.

    We will maintain a small company attitude and a big company capability with the best people.
    We work to understand our customers' requirements so that we are able to match key employees and resources to meeting or exceeding our customers' needs.
  13. Describe your corporate background, history, and ownership.
    Lynden International is a diverse transportation company with a unique heritage of meeting challenging customer requirements. We began service in 1977 to serve the expedited transportation needs of the Alaska oil industry; and we have steadily broadened our ability to meet the needs of customers on a national and international basis.

    We are backed by the financial strength and stability of our parent company, Lynden Incorporated. Established in the early 1900's, Lynden Incorporated has a successful business history of nearly 100 years and maintains a very low debt structure as part of its fundamental practices. This lends to our ability to support short and long-term relationships with our customers, including capacities to invest in new technologies, employee development, and company infrastructure as needed to continually improve performance.

    Our financial strength and stability enables us to offer freight forwarding and information services on par with large multinational companies, combined with the personalized attention, service flexibility and understanding that can only come from a smaller company.

    Not too small. From advantageous national contract rates and lift with the nation's air carriers - to advanced tracing and communications capabilities - to intensive Total Quality Management practices - we have the experience and infrastructure to provide a comprehensive program at a competitive price.

    Not too big. We are a family-owned private company that believes in getting to know our customers and tailoring our services to meet special needs.
  14. Do you have a Parent Company?
    Lynden International's parent company is Lynden Incorporated. Lynden International and Lynden Incorporated have combined asset and non-asset based capabilities that include worldwide air and ocean forwarding, third party logistics, trade show shipping, truckload and less-than-truckload transportation, scheduled and charter barges, intermodal bulk chemical hauls, scheduled and chartered Hercules L-382 cargo aircraft, and multi-modal logistics.

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Health, Safety, & Environmental

  1. Does Lynden International have an HSE Policy?
    Lynden International is committed to providing the best possible working conditions. To accomplish this, we comply with all current occupational health, safety, and environmental laws and develop the best feasible operations, procedures, technologies, and policies to provide such conditions.
    • Our policy is aimed at preventing any employee, visitor, customer, or person residing or working near alliance facilities from being subjected to any unusual health or safety risk.
    • We develop and implement our safety and emergency preparedness practices through the techniques of quality management.
    • We establish comprehensive and realistic policies based on past experience, current scientific research, and government regulations to prevent unreasonable health and safety risks.
  2. Does Lynden International have a Safety Program?
    Lynden International establishes and maintains the best practicable safety processes under the authority of Lynden's Director of Safety. While safety is the direct responsibility of each employee, Lynden International designates safety officers at each facility whose primary responsibility is the development and implementation of safety processes. These practices include:
    • Educational training and awareness programs for all employees
    • Incentive programs, such as financial rewards, formal recognition and appropriate gifts or rewards.
    • Spot checks by safety officers and/or Director of Safety to simulate OSHA or other governmental inspections and to promote employee interest in appropriate safety and health practices.
    Company Property. Each employee is responsible for the safe operation of all equipment, tools, machinery, vehicles, or other property in his or her charge.

    Lynden International provides for proper care and maintenance of property, and each employee is instructed to report any malfunction of property to his or her immediate supervisor. The supervisor investigates and takes the necessary steps to correct the malfunction as soon as possible. In cases of serious malfunction where employees are endangered or operations threatened, employees are not required to jeopardize their personal safety. They are to immediately warn their fellow employees, supervisors, managers, and anyone else affected by the situation.

    The Director of Safety is responsible for establishing procedures to cope with such dangerous or threatening situations.

    Protective Equipment. We require all employees to wear all protective equipment at the proper time and in the proper environments. Failure to wear required protective equipment is cause for written reprimand. We are legally and morally bound to make sure each employee complies with this policy. Supervisors are to strictly enforce this policy.

    Protective Measures. The Director of Safety, in conjunction with the proper management officials, establishes and enforces all measures required to protect property, including fire-fighting equipment, fire brigades, and regular maintenance programs.

    Sub-Contractor and Agent Safety Policy. We require all exclusive sub-contractors and agents to show proof of a written, active Safety Policy and compliance to applicable occupational health and safety regulations.

    Fit for Work Policy. Being fit for work addresses two issues: condition and conduct.

    When a condition (physical illness, emotional distress, chemical dependency) interferes with safe and productive work the employee needs to take whatever measures necessary to correct the condition. We recognize that our employees and independent contractors are valuable resources and we are committed to helping them maintain their health and well-being. Therefore, we offer strong encouragement to take advantage of the many opportunities of assistance to help make work a positive, healthy, and mutually beneficial endeavor. These opportunities include group medical plan an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

    The second part of being fit for work is conduct. Employees and contractors are accountable for unsafe and unproductive work and the consequences of that work. Irresponsible behavior due to physical or emotional impairments or substance abuse impairments cannot be tolerated, and an employee or contractor engaging in such misconduct is subject to discipline up to and including dismissal.

    Lynden International recognizes the need for safety, efficiency, and productivity. We therefore affirm that the use, possession, distribution, manufacture, sale, or transfer of illegal drugs or unauthorized substances, including being under the influence of alcohol, in our facilities or while on duty is strictly prohibited for all employees and contractors.

    All employees and contractors are subject to drug testing to include the following categories: reasonable cause, post accident/incident, periodic, and return to duty (after a positive drug test or return from treatment resulting from a management intervention). In addition, all candidates for employment are subject to pre-employment, written screening test and a pre-employment drug test.

    We conduct drug testing with accuracy and reliability. A high regard for privacy and dignity in the specimen collection, testing, and notification process is upheld. Employees or contractors found with the presence of a prohibited substance in the body (blood or urine) and without adequate medical explanation will be regarded to have violated the provisions of this policy.

    To fulfill our commitment to safety, Lynden International carries out the following initiatives:
    • We maintain ongoing programs at all levels to identify employee health and safety risks. Lynden International sees to it that all employees clearly understand all facets of health and safety programs that directly affect them and their duties.
    • We make control and elimination of such risks a top priority in all plans and processes. Lynden International provides the necessary funds to implement health and safety programs.
    • We control and reduce employee exposure to all known or clearly suspected occupational health or safety risks, and attempt to lower exposure levels as quickly as governmental regulations, technology and economic conditions feasibly allow.
    • We provide incentive programs to encourage employees to identify, control, and eliminate occupational health and safety risks.
    • We plan, design and operate all facilities to provide the safest and most healthful working environment possible.
    • We recognize that despite every effort Lynden International makes, the basis responsibility for employee health and safety rests with the individual. It is a condition of employment for all employees to conduct their work in a safe and healthful manner and to comply with all "Fit for Work" policies.
  3. How do you ensure compliance to Federal, State, local, and/or foreign government rules and regulations?
    Lynden International employs a dedicated compliance staff, including a Corporate Compliance Manager based in our Seattle General Office, responsible for administering an extensive compliance program that, at a minimum, addresses the following issues:
    • Ensures all applicable staff have regular compliance training
    • Measures staff competency on a continuous basis
    • Applies additional training if measurement is below policy standards.
    To this end, we comply with all applicable regulatory agency requirements including Federal, State, local and foreign government rules and regulations. Because these rules and regulations are so extensive, our company culture also demands that each employee, supervisor, and manager consult with appropriate regulatory agencies or internal health or safety officials when there is the slightest question.
  4. What measures is your company taking to reduce its carbon footprint?
    The Lynden companies have established a formal Green Initiative that facilitates an organized and proactive effort to continually improve our environmental performance. As part of this process, a Lynden cross company team meets once per month and works to steadily address the following objectives with measurable targets and action plans for each:
    • Continue to be a leader in the efficient use of fuel
    • Work to conserve energy and natural resources
    • Practice pollution prevention to protect the land, air, and water
    • Minimize greenhouse gas emissions and other air pollutants
    • Improve the management of waste by reducing, reusing, and recycling
    • Encourage and support employee efforts to improve environmental performance
  5. What kinds of training do new employees (drivers, terminal employees, others) undergo?
    Lynden International is committed to quality. The entry level of employment generally dictates the length and scope of training. Among the training levels are:
    • A complete history and philosophy of the entire Lynden family of companies.
    • Safety awareness and testing for job skills.
    • Job responsibilities and role in company success
  6. Are you HAZMAT certified?
    Lynden International has at least one employee in each facility trained and certified in handling dangerous goods. These employees are required to undergo HAZMAT training consisting of the following curriculum:
    • General familiarization training - which must be aimed at providing familiarity with the general provisions.
    • Function specific training –detailed training in the requirements applicable to the function for which that person is responsible.
    • Safety Training - Covers the hazards presented by dangerous goods, safe handling and emergency response procedures.

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Home Delivery

  1. Lynden Priority Plus @ HomeSM specializes in the logistics and transportation needs for home delivery customers.
    • Customer Service: ore-notification, appointment delivery, customer inquiries and defined non-contact process.
    • Delivery service levels: curbside, threshold, room-of-choice, white glove, two-man and other specialized needs and labeling.
    • Logistics and transportation: consolidated line haul, reverse logistics and return kits.

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Insurance/License Information

  1. What industry licenses, registrations, certifications, memberships, etc., does Lynden International have?
    Lynden International maintains several industry licenses, registrations, certifications, and memberships including:
    Airforwarder's Association (AFA)
    Customs House Broker (CHB)
    Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)
    Federal Maritime Commission (FMC)
    International Air Transport Associations (IATA)
    International Association of Exhibit Managers (IAEM)
    Interstate Commerce Permit (ICP)
    Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC)
    Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA)
    Trade Show Exhibitors Association (TSEA)
  2. Are you C-TPAT Certified?
    Lynden International earned prestigious C-TPAT certification from U.S. Customs & Border Protection in October 2004. This certification assures our customers we have security processes in place that follow general Customs guidelines for facility/cargo security, data security and human resource security. Lynden International is certified as both and air/ocean consolidator and as a customs broker, and our certification applies to all worldwide operations.
  3. What is your Operating Authority?
    Since Lynden International is a freight forwarder and does not directly perform pickup, delivery, and/or linehaul service, individual service providers with whom we contract maintain all related operating authorities pertaining to these activities.
  4. What are your conditions of contract?
    Click on the link to open a copy of our Conditions of Contract, which appears on the back of each Lynden International HAWB.

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Internet/IT/Web Capabilities

  1. What are your online capabilities?
    From our EZ Commerce Center you can request pickups, generate documents, trace shipments, view delivery receipts, and retrieve invoices - all without having to make a phone call and at any time of day. Whether your transportation needs are by land, sea or air, Lynden can meet those needs from the convenience of the Internet, while making your job easier and saving time.

    The latest upgrade to our EZ Commerce Center is the system's new EZ Invoicing service, which enables Lynden customers to obtain their billing electronically via email rather than in paper format. Invoices are retrieved in Adobe's standardized Portable Document Format, allowing those using the service to save billing electronically, as well as print and forward at their leisure.
  2. What information can you communicate on a regular basis?
    Lynden International can prepare or communicate a variety of shipment information in a multitude of format(s). Our offices are connected by an on-line electronic data system that monitors customer traffic from pick up to delivery. This system captures all relevant shipment data and feeds information directly into Lynden's Internet-based customer applications. These applications offer simple, convenient services such as:
    • Internet-based shipment booking, tracking, and tracing via Lynden's exclusive EZ Commerce Center
    • Electronic Customer Notifications
    • Specialized reports (receivable via the Internet, electronic mail, EDI, FAX, or in paper format)
    Lynden's system can generate queries and reports that can be modified to include information and formatting that meets (company's) specific requirements. Typically, our Information Services staff can develop customized reports within two weeks of a given request. We commonly schedule regular reports with information such as:
    • Shipper and consignee name and address
    • Shipment date
    • Bill number
    • Pieces and weight
    • Origin and destination
    • Purchase order or other reference number
    • Class of service
    • Cost information, including a detailed breakdown of freight charges
    • Status information, including proof of delivery
    • On time service measurement
    Some samples of modifiable reports include:

    Daily Customer Service Report. This report displays shipper and consignee names, bill of lading numbers, origin, destination, pieces, weight, and freight charges. Daily totals for pieces, weight, and freight charges are also shown.

    Weekly Customer Service Report. This extends the daily activity report for a week of shipping activity; sorted by origin or destination airport code, date, or by service level.

    Service Audit Report. This report lists overall on time service performance for any desired time period. The report displays service information for each individual shipment, plus each lane segment. Proof of Delivery Report. Proof of delivery information is available on the service audit report, or on a specialized proof of delivery report. Either way, this report makes it easy to receive signature names, delivery dates and time.

    Depending on the type, reports are available daily, weekly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, or in any other reasonable interval.

    Lynden goes beyond simply providing customers information reporting. We also use reporting to analyze our service performance against internally established standards, helping us to identifying trends in delivery non-conformances. Key operational measurements appear in our Operations Conformance Report, which is published weekly, monthly, quarterly, and year-to-date. These reports are published by station, by region and by aggregate system.

    Our Process Improvement Team, Regional Vice-Presidents and Managers, and station managers analyze Operations Conformance Reports once a month to identify problem lanes, discuss process improvement action plans, and apply corrective action techniques to ensure the lane is brought into compliance.
  3. Where does IT fit within your overall corporate strategy?
    Lynden International's information technology focus is to continue developing new technological solutions that meet customer requirements for timely and accurate information, on time pickups and deliveries, problem prevention, service consistency, process efficiencies and employee effectiveness. Since Lynden International is backed by the financial strength and stability of its parent company, Lynden Incorporated, we can assure our customers the ability to support a long-term relationship, including capacities to invest in new technologies to continually improve our services.
  4. Describe your IT offerings, capabilities (e.g. application development, maintenance, etc.), and resources (in-house versus contractors) available to help customers throughout the shipment lifecycle.
    Lynden International's greatest value-added IT offering is our EZ Commerce Center shipping system. This innovative, web-based tool allows our customers to request pickups, generate documents, trace shipments, view delivery receipts, and retrieve invoices from our Internet site. Our current focus is to continue developing this system's capabilities.

    Lynden's proprietary system, KAYAK, processes airfreight movements on a per shipment and package level basis. KAYAK applications were developed in-house and reside on a Sun computer that runs Solaris, a UNIX operating system, and the Universe database system. This system transmits and receives shipment status information with many air carriers via EDI transactions.

    We use the EDI*Port translation software package from Userbase Systems, Inc. to administer Electronic Data Interchange transactions. This package uses table-driven subroutines, providing the flexibility of supporting any EDI standard, including ANSI X12, EDIFACT and proprietary standards. EDI*Port supports multiple standards and multiple versions of the same standards simultaneously.

    Operations technical support is provided through our parent company, Lynden Incorporated (LI). LI has a large Information Technology department that services and supports all Lynden subsidiaries' centralized computer systems and data communications, as well as provides software development support. This department is comprised of 54 employees.
  5. What are your short/long term IT initiatives?
    Through commitment to our company's General Guiding Principals, Lynden International is in constant search for opportunities to improve the services we currently offer our customers, develop new services that will enhance our core business approach to the niche markets of Hawaii and Alaska and broaden our capabilities to provide a competitive edge within these markets to our customers.
  6. Do you have EDI capabilities?
    Lynden has the ability to conduct any business dealings, which might be mutually beneficial, using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions between our computers and those of our customers, their suppliers and carriers.

    We use the EDI*Port EDI translation software package from Userbase Systems, Inc. This package, which is compatible with Lynden's database, utilizes table driven subroutines which provide the flexibility of supporting any EDI standard including ANSI X12 and UN/EDIFACT standards as well as trading partner specific proprietary systems. EDI*Port supports multiple standards and multiple versions of the same standards simultaneously. All EDI transactions are mapped directly from or to Lynden's databases without manual intervention.

    Information services personnel have experience in connecting to various value-added networks and in connecting directly to trading partners' computer systems in order to transmit EDI transactions. Lynden currently utilizes the services of Inovis, SITA, Transettlements and Kleinschmidt value-added networks. Direct connects include point-to-point telephone connections as well as FTP (File Transfer Protocol) over the Internet.

    SITA is the primary source of airline status information that we use to update our database and allow customers to track their shipments. Data is received from 57 airlines in an average of 45,000 transactions per month.

    Traditional VANs (Inovis, Transettlements, and Kleinschmidt), handle about 30 customers, averaging 13,000 transactions per month. And another 10 customers communicate by FTP, averaging 3,000 transactions per month.

    Lynden's EDI Coordinator keeps in contact with our trading partners and works to set up new trading partners with transaction sets that benefit our mutual interests. In addition the EDI Coordinator keeps up-to-date with new transaction sets and standards, affecting the transportation industry, being introduced or proposed by various standards groups.

    Lynden currently trades 21 different ANSI X12 transaction sets, the most common being:

    104 - Air Shipment Information
    110 - Air Freight Details and Invoice
    113 - Air Shipment Status Inquiry
    114 - Air Shipment Status Message
    204 - Motor Carrier Load Tender
    210 - Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice
    211 - Motor Carrier Bill of Lading
    214 - Transportation Shipment Status Message
    310 - Freight Receipt and Invoice (Ocean)
    315 - Status Details (Ocean)
    856 - Ship Notice/Manifest
    861 - Receiving Advice/Acceptance Certificate
    864 - Text Message
    990 - Response to a Load Tender
    996 - File Transfer
    997 - Functional Acknowledgment

    In addition, Lynden processes the following UN/EDIFACT transaction sets:

    IFTMIN - Instruction
    IFTSTA - International Multimodal Status Report

    Lynden also trades proprietary information with several of our automotive customers. Since, through our translation software, we support all transaction sets, we can easily implement others as the needs of our trading partners change.
  7. What are some of the reports that Lynden can offer?

    Automatic Customer Notification (ACN) Report
    An application of EDI immediately available to Lynden International customers is our Automatic Customer Notification feature, or ACN. With the ACN, a report is generated each morning and transmitted to any customer location via our on-line message system. The report can also be transmitted to any fax machine by our computer system.

    The ACN report lists all customer shipments currently in transit or delivered within the previous day. The ACN report also lists key information regarding each airbill and its shipment's current status. This report is sent out automatically by our computer system five days a week (seven if necessary). All shipments drop off of the report after 2 weeks.

    The following information is required to set up a Customer ACN:
    • Customer code (include all codes that are applicable to the particular customer requesting this service)
    • Customer fax number/email address(s)
    • Station's mail code and mail code of Lynden personnel requesting ACN setup
    • List the days of the week that the customer would like to receive the ACN
    • If the customer would like to see the report when there are no shipments moving
    • Heading name for the report
    • Attention name for report (someone in the Company that the report will print to daily)
    Explanations of the headings used in the ACN report are listed below:

    • Report Heading Item of Information
    • ORG shipping origin
    • DST shipping destination
    • HAWB house bill number
    • DATE date hawb entered in system
    • Consignee/Shipper consignee's name/shipper's name
    • PCS number of pieces
    • WGT total weight of pieces
    • Charges total charges to customer
    • SVC service level
    • Current Loc the airline carrier code and flight number
    • (this is where your proof of delivery information will print)
    Management Reports
    Lynden International's computer system will allow us to provide customized reports on all customer traffic. Some of the reports we can immediately provide to a Traffic Department include:
    • Daily Customer Service Report - This report is designed to display shipper and consignee names, Airbill numbers, origin, destination, pieces, weight, and freight charges. Daily totals for pieces, weight, and freight charges are also shown.
    • Weekly Customer Service Report - This extends the daily activity report for a total week's worth of shipping activity. It can be sorted by origin or destination airport code, date, or by service level.
    • Service Audit Report - This report lists overall on-time service performance and can be requested for any desired time period. From this report, one can find service information for each individual shipment, plus each lane segment.
    • Proof of Delivery Report - Proof of delivery information can be included on the service audit report, or on a specialized proof of delivery report. Either way, we can make it easy for one to receive signature names, plus time and date delivered on all traffic.
    Additional reports are available through our EZ Commerce System.
  8. Do you have online shipping? What are some of the features?
    Lynden International's primary customer web interface is our EZ Commerce Center suite of shipping tools. EZ Commerce comprises a full set of online query tools that provide custom-level tracing and reporting services. Capabilities of EZ Commerce are detailed below.

    Bringing You the Latest Technology. Lynden's EZ Commerce Center makes it easy for our customers to conduct business with innovative, advanced automation. The EZ Commerce Center enables customers to request pickups, generate documents, trace shipments, view delivery receipts, download shipment activity reports any time, and receive invoices electronically, any day - all without having to make a phone call. The service is free to any customer and requires no minimum shipment or revenue commitment.

    In addition, Lynden can customize EDI applications to meet the needs of individual customers who need even more advanced data solutions.

    Book Your Shipment On-line. Once registered as a Lynden EZ Commerce Center user, customers simply log into our site, choose their shipment mode, and select their shipping profile from the list of frequently used information, including origins and destinations. Next, they make the appropriate selections from drop-down lists, click the Submit button, and the shipment process automatically begins. A shipment confirmation is sent to the customer, and Lynden handles the rest.

    Lynden's EZ Commerce Center saves customers even more time by automating documentation. Whether customers need a Domestic Air Bill, International Shipper's Letter of Instruction, Export Declaration, Bill of Lading, Pickup Manifest, or Domestic and International Shipping Labels, the system remembers your shipping information, and it fills out the appropriate labels and documents for your type of shipment.

    Keeping an Eye on Your Shipments. Lynden's EZ Commerce Center keeps customers in touch with their shipments through its EZ Tracing service. With EZ Tracing, our customers can obtain detailed shipment status information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Available information includes shipment progress to destination, status reports, and images of signed delivery receipts. EZ Tracing also lets customers "drill down" into our database for up-to-date, accurate status reports and other information including costs, reference numbers, and shipment characteristics.

    Information at Your Fingertips. Another feature of Lynden's EZ Commerce Center suite of services is EZ Reporting. As an EZ Commerce customer, shipment information can be downloaded into reports that help manage the transportation process. You have the ability to customize any of the below reports to show only the information that you need to see. All reports are available in Microsoft Excel, HTML, or Comma Delimited file formats, the reports can be downloaded in any of four categories:
    • Management Report. Displays the amount of freight your company has shipped for a specified period of time. Weight and pieces are shown for master bills when there are multiple shipments.
    • Operations Report. Displays shipping and receiving information including all status information for shipments within the specified date range.
    • Accounting Report. Displays accounts payable payment and cost information on shipments within a specified date range. The report only includes bills that have been invoiced.
    • Outstanding Balance Report. Displays any outstanding invoices, including links to shipping documents, charges, payments, adjustments and shipment details.
    Get reports whenever you want them. Schedule shipment information reports and/or any of your customized reports to be sent to you regularly via email. And we have designed a web page where it is easy for you to control all the reports you need. From a few drop-down menus, you choose the type of report, any or all Lynden companies that you ship with, the format file type (Excel, HTML or Comma Delimited), the period of time the report will cover, how often you wish to receive the report, what day and time you want to receive it, and the email addresses you want the report to be sent to. You can schedule as many different reports to be sent to your company, as often as you like. You can even go in and edit the parameters of your reports.

    Reduce Your Paperwork. EZ Invoicing helps customers do their shipping more efficiently, while reducing paperwork and saving time. When a customer signs up for EZ Invoicing they will receive an email message notifying them that their latest invoice is available online. The email has a link to their PDF invoice, as well as links to important supporting documentation, such as Bills of Lading and Proof of Delivery.
  9. What is your operating system?
    Lynden utilizes its proprietary system, KAYAK, to process air freight movements on a per shipment and package level basis. KAYAK applications were developed in-house and reside on a Sun computer that runs Solaris, a UNIX operating system, and the Universe database system. This system transmits and receives shipment status information with many air carriers via EDI transactions.
  10. Please detail your disaster recovery plan.

    Lynden recognizes that a viable business continuity plan is essential for ensuring minimal disruption for our customers and for limiting corporate losses in the event of a disaster. It is also recognized that an integral piece of any business continuity plan is a disaster recovery planning. The goal of an Infrastructure Protection Plan is to rapidly restore critical information functions with minimal interruption or functional change by focusing on individual critical component and system outages. The Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for these critical systems is determined by upper management based on the extent of the disaster, the criticality of systems, the daily cost that can be attributed to the failure and the cost of backup equipment, sites, and restoration procedures.

    Management Statement

    Lynden's senior management takes business continuity planning seriously and recognizes that a strong disaster recovery plan is an integral part of that planning. They are supportive of Information Technology's effort to ensure the integrity of the data and the continuity of services.

    Disaster Recovery

    General Infrastructure
    At the beginning of 2007, Lynden servers and communications equipment were transitioned to a secure tier-one data center. This center is located close to the corporate headquarters. It guarantees 99.99% uptime and continuous monitoring. All equipment, including HVAC is fed by the backup power supply. The Uninterruptible Power Source is capable of providing three times the power necessary to maintain the center at full-use capacity. Backup power is tested for one hour each week to ensure system readiness and functionality. The facility is a continually manned, locked building. The Lynden servers are housed behind a second locked door. Access is limited to a specified group of Lynden Information Technology staff. Options for the acquisition of a secondary hot site for use in the event of a regional disaster are being explored.

    Records Retention and Data Backup
    All critical corporate data is backed up to tape nightly and mirrored on disk. Restoration of data from both media is continually tested. The tapes are stored off site in a secure facility. To ensure compliance with auditing and regulatory standards, all vital records are retained based on a predetermined and reviewed schedule.

    Network Access
    Lynden's switched Wide Area Network allows field offices to access applications running on corporate computing systems. Some remote sites are connected via the public Internet utilizing either VPN Software or a hardware device to provide encryption. Electronic data interchange and secured web sites are used to provide information and data exchange with customer.

    Infrastructure Security

    Lynden has developed a series of policies, standards, procedures and guidelines dealing with issues related to computer, network, and telecommunications security. These principles are designed to ensure data integrity and to protect Lynden's intellectual property from abuse or from acquisition by our competitors. These principles are designed to comply with confidentiality and privacy policies required by contract and by law. The policies apply to all Lynden data, including data displayed on the public internet.

    Anti Virus and Patch Management
    Under the guidance of the Security Deployment Administrator, Lynden has implemented a rigorous program for proactive virus and patch management. With the use of industry standard suites of software, all desktops, remote sites and critical data servers are scanned regularly for viruses. Patches are kept up to date using multiple push methods.

    Change Management
    All changes to servers are reviewed before implementation and recorded in an internal database. All changes to software are reviewed before implementation and recorded by software configuration management tools. We are continually reviewing and improving our procedures to ensure that all vital software is thoroughly tested before implementation.

    Crisis Management Process

    Business Continuity
    To ensure minimal interruption to the receiving, routing and tracking of freight and preserve our ability to continue providing customer service, Lynden is actively pursuing plans for handling the various types of disasters, including the possibility of a pandemic. An integral part of all business continuity and disaster recovery efforts is a proactive approach to protecting and ensuring the availability of both our data and our employees. We have provided key employees with a means of telecommuting. These measures are being put into place by our corporate Safety Committee.

    Customer Communication Policy
    A corporate wide hierarchical calling tree is in place for use in the event of a disaster. This allows for spreading information and time estimates for the return of services. The individual operating companies will disseminate needed information to customers by whatever means is available to them.

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  1. Do you have Logistics Management Experience?
    Lynden International's background includes a wide variety of logistics management projects, domestically and internationally. Each program we design is customized to meet specific customer requirements. A common thread among them, however, is that the total cost of logistics is reduced, while the quality of our services is improved on a continuous basis.

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  1. Do you have a formal Quality process?
    Lynden International has had a Quality Program in place since 1992. The Phillip Crosby model for quality is the foundation of our Quality Process, based on the following concepts:
    • All work is a process, a series of actions that produce a result
    • The definition of Quality is conformance to requirements
    • The system for causing Quality is prevention
    • The Quality performance standard is zero defects
    • The measurement of Quality is the price of nonconformance
    Our Quality Policy states:

    "We will perform exactly to the requirements of our external and internal customers first time, every time. Continuous improvement and Quality are the job of every Lynden employee."

    Our Quality process emphasizes achievement of results by improving the work processes that make up the systems providing service to customers. The top priority is determining what your requirements are, then studying and improving the work processes that make up those systems until the quality of the service we provide is unequaled. We establish mutually acceptable goals for process improvement, and use measurement to track and evaluate our progress towards those goals.
  2. How do you track and measure your performance?
    We strongly believe that the best measurement of our processes and practices is based on our customer feedback. For that reason, Lynden's Quality Metrics are based on our internal standards, which are rooted in the results of extensive customer surveys.

    In 1995, Lynden established a Process Team consisting of Process Owners and key support personnel for the five major components that make up our air freight forwarding service product. The Process Team operates under the assumption that Lynden's entire customer service cycle - from the first sales contact, to pick up, to delivery, to billing, to reporting financial performance - is a series of interrelated work processes. Events that happen in one process have major impacts on the other processes.

    To ensure that these interrelated work processes work together to meet our customers requirements, Process Owners meet monthly to review performance measurement results and reach consensus on where to focus process improvement efforts.

    The Plus One Program. Lynden's Plus One Program is a process designed to ensure Lynden Air Freight customers are completely satisfied with our services and that we are exceeding their expectations as much as possible.

    Internal Measurement. We measure internally documented work processes for each segment to ensure they have accompanying performance standards. This allows us to identify a non-conforming work process and take corrective action. Meeting the performance standards in all segments is essential to successfully deliver the outputs our customers require. This process lets us use specific requirements as inputs in designing our work processes and ensures we stay focused on meeting these requirements.

    The Process Team meets monthly to review the results of measurement to Lynden's internal standards. The Team identifies problem areas and prioritizes the resources for resolving them. In addition, every Monday, we hold a meeting with all Division Vice Presidents and Regional Managers via conference call to discuss performance and to give the managers an opportunity to share corrective action efforts they are taking in the event standards are not met. This way we remain focused on the continuous improvement of our work processes to better meet our customers' requirements.

    External Measurement. We measure overall customer satisfaction in the seven areas our customers identified as most important to them during our 1995 customer survey. In addition to measuring our conformance to the internal requirements we have identified as necessary to meet our customers' requirements, we continually survey a sample of our customer base by phone, asking them to rate our performance in meeting their critical service requirements.

    We conduct these surveys from our corporate office as part of our Customer Satisfaction Process. Besides measuring our overall progress in meeting the critical requirements of our customers, our Customer Satisfaction Process helps assure the complete satisfaction of individual customers. If respondents indicate a problem in areas such as service billing, reporting or claims, the appropriate personnel provide immediate follow-up.
  3. Do you have a formal measurement and review process?
    Lynden International applies its Quality Business Review (QBR) process to many of our largest accounts, achieving significant improvements over time in the areas of on-time delivery, accurate and timely billing, damage-free service, accurate and timely information, or any other measurable processes our customers consider critical to the success of their business and our long term partnership.

    The primary purpose of the Quality Business Review is to regularly bring together appropriate people from both we and our customers' organizations to share quality management information. The goal is to continually improve the quality of service we provide. This arrangement allows Lynden and its top customers to:
    • Identify and agree on mutually acceptable requirements that each company has for doing business with one another.
    • Establish a measurement system to monitor and report on conformance to agreed upon requirements.
    • Develop and implement corrective action to resolve problems identified by measurement.
    The benefits of this approach to our customers include:
    • Clear understanding of requirements
    • A forum to share and discuss performance results
    • A way to ensure problems are prioritized and resolved
  4. Have you received any Quality awards?
    Quest for Quality Industry Survey. Lynden International has received the Logistic Management magazine's "Quest For Quality" award since 2000. Recognized as one of the transportation industry's most prestigious awards, "Quest For Quality" winners are determined through a comprehensive survey of the magazine's readers. The survey requests shippers to rate air freight forwarders they use on a regular basis in the five categories below:
    1. On-time performance
    2. Value
    3. Information technology
    4. Customer service and
    5. Equipment and operations
    Based on these criteria, shippers have rated Lynden International a top freight forwarder since 2000. We feel these ratings validate our ability to provide the highest quality heavyweight shipping services at competitive prices.

    Download the 2011 QFQ report for freight forwarders from our website here or learn more about the Quest For Quality award by going to the Logistics Management website.

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  1. What safety/security procedures will your employees/agents perform with freight?
    Lynden's policy requires all drivers to lock vehicle cargo doors when freight is left unattended and during transportation. When a driver must leave a vehicle unattended he or she must also ensure the vehicle's cab and cargo doors are locked.

    Additionally, all cargo is off-loaded to the cargo facility before closing to ensure no cargo is left on trucks overnight.

    Lynden terminal personnel are required to close and lock any access door not monitored or under the direct surveillance of an employee. Surveillance cameras, security alarms, and water sprinklers also exist in Lynden facilities for additional security coverage.
  2. How are goods handled at your facility?
    Every Lynden International representative to whom a shipment is tendered follows a set of procedures designed to reduce the likelihood of loss or damage. The procedures include:
    • Ensures the consignees' name and address on the house airway bill coincide with the name and address on the shipping label.
    • Ensures the type of service is specified.
    • Verifies the piece count and weight as specified on the house airway bill.
    • Confirms the shipment's contents and dimensions are specified
    • Ensures the shipper's representative must sign and date the house airway bill.
    • Examines the packaging to ensure that it can withstand normal handling and has been taped or sealed so the contents are secure.
    • Checks for visible signs of leakage.
    • Checks for evidence of tampering
    • Checks for visible wire or other unusual characteristics on the packaging
    • Ensures the shipper's Security Endorsement has been correctly completed and signed by the shipper's representative.
    • Ensured cargo is monitored or in locked vehicle at all times.
  3. How do you maintain security for freight?
    Each of the Lynden offices has safety features and programs to maintain the security for (company name), including:
    • Surveillance cameras both inside and outside the facilities.
    • Security cages
    • Alarm system at each entry and dock doors.
    • Procedures on shipment check-ins (as described in questions 1 & 2)
  4. Are you C-TPAT Certified?
    Lynden International earned prestigious C-TPAT certification from U.S. Customs & Border Protection in October 2004. This certification assures our customers we have security processes in place that follow general Customs guidelines for facility/cargo security, data security and human resource security. Lynden International is certified as both an air/ocean consolidator and as a customs broker, and our certification applies to all worldwide operations.

    ** Click to open a copy of our C-TPAT certificate.

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  1. Describe your base and value-added scope of services.
    Lynden International is a global freight forwarder providing transportation and logistics services on par with large multinational companies, while delivering a high level of customer service typically, only family-owned companies can provide. Our structure makes us the right size for companies looking for a wide range of services and features combined with a high degree of personal attention.

    Lynden International's defining characteristics, proven during our history spanning over 37 years include:
    • Pioneering service to offshore, remote, or developing locations
    • Dealing with challenging logistical requirements and emergency situations
    • Handling heavy-weight priority freight
    • Tailoring services to specific customer requirements
    • Maintaining productive, long-term relationships with major customers
  2. How do you select and manage your carrier base?
    Lynden recognizes the need to closely manage those areas or our business on which carriers have a significant impact. Areas such as loss and damage prevention, customer service, problem resolution, timely information and communication, electronic data exchange, and hours of operation all contribute to the total value of our core product.

    As such, we hold regular meetings with or core carriers to communicate our service requirements in these areas. During these meetings, measurement of mutually established requirements is reviewed and corrective action is applied where requirements are not being met. This process enables Lynden to facilitate and maintain excellent relationships with carriers, while at the same time applying a system of continuous quality improvement to the shipping process.
  3. Lynden International's Description of Services
    Lynden International is a full-service transportation company providing freight forwarding and integrated logistics services throughout the globe. We support customers worldwide with reliable, competitively priced forwarding - complemented by purchasing, warehousing, and materials handling services – to meet the varying, unique transportation challenges of today's global economy. Our vast experience and resources include a proven history or over 30 years in business, as well as a global operating network covering origins and destinations throughout North, Central, and South America, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific Rim.
  4. Please provide an overview of your services?
    Domestic Services: Time Definite service is your link to over 6,000 cities nationwide. With an array of service levels, Time Definite enables you to ship or receive goods door-to-door based on your schedule.
    • Next Business Day Service: Delivery by 5PM of the next business day.
    • Second Business Day Service: Delivery by 5PM of the second business day.
    • Fifth Business Day Service: Delivery within three-to-five days, not to 5PM of the fifth business day.
    • Priority Plus: Lynden's expertise in handling emergency, time sensitive shipments has led to the development of our next-flight-out service called Priority Plus. Priority Plus features exacting procedures designed to maximize reliability. They include:
      • immediate booking
      • firm rate quotation
      • accurate communication every step of the way – from confirmation on board through to direct proof of delivery
      The service commitment for Priority Plus is based upon the customer's stated time standards, and satisfaction is guaranteed up to including a full refund. Priority Plus shipments are handled on a case-by-case basis, please call your Lynden representative when your needs require a next-flight-out response.
    Offshore Market Specialties: In addition to our strong domestic network, Lynden International is the predominant forwarder serving key offshore markets, including service to/from:
    • Alaska -- Lynden is the most complete transportation company in Alaska. Our Alaska Time Definite program links more than 200 Alaskan cities and villages with the Lower 48.
    • Hawaii -- Lynden's Hawaii Time Definite program reaches across the Pacific to effectively connect Hawaii with the Mainland.
    • Guam
    • Saipan
    • Puerto Rico
    International Services: Lynden International is an IATA-approved air freight forwarder and an FMC-licensed ocean forwarder. Lynden's full array of import and export capabilities includes:
    • documentation and consular service
    • customs clearance
    • overseas banking assistance
    International Market Specialties: Lynden International has formed a comprehensive network of global service capabilities, including particular expertise between the United States and:
    • Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States
    • Australia & New Zealand
    • South America
    • Central America
    • Mexico
    • Canada
    • Hong Kong, China and the Pacific Rim
    • Europe
    Lynden Expo Air: Lynden Expo Air is a division of Lynden Air Freight that caters solely to the unique needs of events' managers. It features a full-time staff knowledgeable in the process of trade show installation and tear-down. With a firm understanding that an exhibitor's success is dependent on products and display materials arriving at convention sites on-time and intact, we've developed proven trade show shipping procedures that include:
    • direct line haul between convention sites;
    • a variety of transportation options ranging from air, to truck, to LTL;
    • specialized trade show paperwork and labels;
    • constant access to tracing information through our EZ Commerce system.

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