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Transportation Management

At Lynden International Logistics Co., we have a proven history of providing innovative and customized solutions to our client partners. We understand that your business model and strategies are unique, and thus we execute customized solution protocols within our systems to support your business processes and requirements.

In an ongoing effort to develop efficiencies which promote and enhance the growth of your business, we work with multiple, qualified carriers within our freight network to drive the optimum blend of cost, service level and commitment.

Our Transportation Management system provides a comprehensive routing and rating function to optimize outbound shipments to customers and inbound transportation to Lynden. In addition, we manage unique shipping label and document requirements for the Canadian transportation marketplace.

Our network also consists of qualified carriers involved in all aspects of transportation services including regular LTL and FTL, environmentally controlled LTL and FTL, courier, environmentally controlled courier and chain of signature. Lynden also offers a hand delivery program for emergency orders where no carrier can meet the delivery criteria.

Transportation Management