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Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

At Lynden International Logistics Co., we have a proven history of providing innovative and customized solutions to our client partners. We understand that your business model and strategies are unique, and thus we execute customized solution protocols within our systems to support your business processes and requirements.

In an ongoing effort to develop efficiencies which promote and enhance the growth of your business, Lynden facilities continue to meet or exceed the standards set by Health Canada to be recognized as meeting healthcare standard GMP.

Lynden maintains a team of quality and regulatory persons on staff at its branches to ensure that the branch operations meet the standards set by Health Canada, our clients and our corporate governance.

Lynden's quality and regulatory programs focus on complying with the stated requirements of regulating bodies, the operation procedures agreed with our clients, the processes embraced by our organization and the necessity to document all activities related to our operation. Each employee at Lynden is trained regularly on GMP and additional client and product specific training is conducted prior to any employee commencement with a new client.

Lynden's facilities are kept in a clean and compliant manner. Environmentally controlled zones are available for storing, picking, packing and staging of sensitive products. Lynden will also work with clients to assure that they can meet the stringent Health Canada 0069 regulations (Guidelines for Temperature Control of Drug Products during Storage and Transportation) through proper storage conditions and working with proper, client validated, packaging.

Lynden's facilities are subjected to regular inspections by both our customers and the Health Products and Food Branch Inspectorate (HPFBI).

Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs