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Cold Chain Management

At Lynden International Logistics Co., we have a proven history of providing innovative and customized solutions to our client partners. We understand that your business model and strategies are unique, and thus we execute customized solution protocols within our systems to support your business processes and requirements.

In an ongoing effort to develop efficiencies which promote and enhance the growth of your business, our GMP compliant facilities provide our clients with a FULLY INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM to ensure accuracy and efficiency for all your cold chain needs.

Our innovative and customized cold chain solutions are in conformance to Health Canada GUI-0069 Guidelines for temperature control of drug products during storage and transportation. We are always evaluating packaging solutions according to new requirements. Lynden offers packaging solutions designed for consistent temperature stability between 2-8°C. The Lynden pack-outs come in three sizes and are validated up to 48 hours. We also offer three sizes of the Credo® Thermal packaging that are validated for up to 96 hours. Both the Lynden and Credo® packaging are validated under Canadian extreme temperature conditions.

We strategically select transportation carriers with validated process for temperature sensitive products, to ensure all regulatory compliance and product specificities are met when your product leaves our facility and is delivered to your customer.

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Cold Chain Management