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Cold Chain Logistics

As a leading advocate of operational efficiencies, we take pride in developing customized solution protocols within our systems, to meet the needs of our client partners within the cold chain industry.

Our GMP compliant facilities meet all Health Canada requirements, and each possesses drug establishment licenses, QPIC's for the storage and distribution of pharmaceuticals, narcotics, and controlled drugs.

We operate a fully integrated management system to ensure accuracy and efficiency for our clients cold chain needs.

Our innovative and customized cold chain solutions are in conformance to Health Canada GUI-0069 Guidelines for temperature control of drug products during storage and transportation. We are always evaluating packaging solutions according to new requirements. Lynden offers packaging solutions designed for consistent temperature stability between 2-8°C. The Lynden pack-outs come in three sizes and are validated up to 48 hours. We also offer three sizes of the Credo® Thermal packaging that are validated for up to 96 hours. Both the Lynden and Credo® packaging are validated under Canadian extreme temperature conditions.

We strategically select transportation carriers with validated process for temperature sensitive products, to ensure all regulatory compliance and product specificities are met when your product leaves our facility and arrives to your customer. Download our Cold Chain brochure to learn more.

In addition, we provide our clients with the value added flexibility and unique cost savings strategies to enhance the growth of their business.

Our variety of service offerings and built-in solutions include:

Customer Service:
Outsourcing your customer service to Lynden gives you more time to care for your customers' business. Let Lynden manage your customers' orders, invoices and product returns. We have bilingual (English/French) Customer Service Representatives for customers across Canada. Lynden has the technology, expertise and necessary tools to manage incoming phone calls and prioritize, escalate, log and report on your business activity.

For more information on our Customer Service offerings, click here.

Order to Cash Solutions:
For our clients who are looking for a complete "turnkey" approach, Lynden provides complete management solution for their distribution, inventory, customer orders and account receivable. Our clients benefit from this approach because it results in not only a significant cost savings when outsourcing their back office services, but more importantly, it allows them to focus on their core business, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

For more information on our Order to Cash services, click here.

Quality Assurance:
The nature of our business is a focused commitment to quality. When you partner with Lynden, we provide complete QA services to ensure your products are market ready and satisfy all requirements. We offer product sampling; sending of testing samples to a contracted licensed testing lab; review test results and release products for sale in Canada under your company name.

For more information on our Quality Assurance program, click here.

Order Fulfillment:
As a solutions oriented company, we take pride in servicing all your business needs. We understand the importance of accuracy in the day to day operations of your business and we execute accordingly to ensure your orders are packed, checked, labeled and shipped in the correct quantities to your customers.

For more information on our Order Fulfillment services, click here.

Cold Chain Logistics