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Client Partnership

At Lynden International Logistics Co., we are a determined and leading advocate of operational efficiencies, and we take pride in developing and implementing customized solution protocols within our systems, to support your business processes and requirements.

To provide our clients with a competitive advantage, we offer unmatched value added services to facilitate and enhance the growth of their business.

These include:

Willingness to Invest:
Lynden believes in investing in technology and innovation where it compliments and drives value to the solution. As our clients face the challenges of the decade ahead, Lynden will be there to help assure that the Supply Chain remains optimal and that new technology, where practical, is implemented and driven to highest value.

Location and Facilities:
Lynden provides distribution facilities that meet or exceed the requirements of our clients. In addition, Lynden is willing to work with our clients to explore other markets, and if prudent for both parties, to invest in expansion in these new geographies. All Lynden facilities will meet or exceed GMP requirements and will employ meaningful technologies that promote accuracy, speed, precision and environmental consciousness.

Business Model Flexibility:
Lynden is flexible in its business modeling and we continuously explore gain-sharing opportunities as a part of the overall financial approach.

Implementation Expertise:
Our clients require seamless implementation. Lynden's management team has decades of experience in implementation projects for clients of similar size and scope. Lynden engages a program manager early in this process and that manager will be responsible for the implementation of the program.

Full Suite of Services:
Lynden, through its member companies, offers a complete end to end supply chain solution for our client. From ocean freight to air freight and customs brokerage Lynden has the size and reputation to offer the best service at the best rate.

Client Partnership