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Small Package PLUS

Lynden Canada's "Small Package PLUS" services are customized for clients shipping multiple small packages between Canada and the United States. This service truly exemplifies the entire supply chain solution. The packages are consolidated for bulk transportation and clearance and then are drop-shipped to a preordained distribution center.

In addition to the freight movement, Lynden Canada can also serve as your customs broker. With over 40 years experience in the Canadian and U.S. markets, our experienced customs team will work to avoid any complications or delays. By consolidating with our "Small Package PLUS" service you will save on costs by needing only one customs clearance.

"Small Package PLUS" also offers several service levels for delivery, including: Next Flight Out, Expedited Ground and Time Specific Delivery.

How does it work?

  • All products are picked, prepared and packaged for shipping.
  • One commercial invoice is prepared for all products which translates into only one customs clearance.
  • Items are trucked or flown into one centralized location in the U.S. or Canada.
  • The consolidated product is received as one shipment and broken down for multiple domestic shipments upon arrival.

How could you benefit?

  • One customs clearance for all shipments. This translates into huge saving on customs clearance along with customs compliance satisfaction.
  • "One stop shop" for all freight and customs tracking and tracing.
  • One invoice for all services, you will no longer have to chase several vendors for your landed cost.
Small Package PLUS