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Transportation and Consolidation

Lynden International will save you time and money. It doesn't matter if it's one shipment or hundreds. One kilo/pound or thousands.

Consolidation services for small individual shipments reduce the need to track multiple shipments. Consolidation also reduces the number of packages you bring in, saving you money.

Using our consolidation services can reduce your transportation and customs brokerage costs (reducing per kilos/lbs and per piece pricing). Consolidation also cuts paperwork by combining transportation, brokerage, duties and taxes all onto one invoice. You no longer need to chase vendors for landed costs.

How does it work?

  • Consolidate all your shipments into one shipment, LTL or small package
  • Prepare one commercial invoice for all packages
  • Ship to Canada

How could you benefit?

  • One clearance for multiple consignee's
  • Fewer delays, faster transit, less paperwork, easier tracking, reduced costs and more shipment control
  • Create a domestic environment when selling in Canada
  • Sell on a delivered price basis
  • Manage your landed cost
  • Remove the border and increase sales for your Canadian customers
  • Get product to customer doors faster
  • Access a greater share of the Canadian market place
  • Realize on time deliveries
  • Increase your profits
Transportation and Consolidation