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Returns Program

Lynden Canada can set up one location for all returned products. The items can then be received, consolidated, and returned per your requirements. Once product is received Lynden Canada can also serve as your customs broker for the return of the product to the United States, providing additional savings by needing only one customs clearance for the multiple (consolidated) packages.

How does it work?

  • All RMA return product is returned to Lynden Canada's warehouse.
  • All return information is received and reported back to you.
  • Product is consolidated for return.
  • Customs clearance is set up and transportation is arranged for end delivery.

How could you benefit?

Cost savings will be realized by reducing the number of customs clearances needed (consolidating returns) and by using one central location for all returned products. Consolidation also cuts paperwork by combining transportation, brokerage, duties and taxes all onto one invoice.

Returns Program