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Merge in Transit

Merge in Transit is a solution to manage and coordinate multiple products when the components are sourced from different manufacturing and/or warehousing locations. Components are received, temporarily stored (until the order is complete) and consolidated in a Lynden Canada facility to be delivered as one complete order to the end customer. The solution combines components into one order while the goods are in transit.

How does it work?

  • Lynden Canada coordinates pickups from multiple vendors from around the world.
  • All products are sent to one central location.
  • The products are temporarily stored and once all product is received it will be merged for end delivery.
  • The complete shipment is then sent to your customers.

How could you benefit?

Merge in Transit offers your company a solution to manage and coordinate customer orders into a single delivery. Since the service is provided "in transit" within Lynden's network, transit times are shorter and inventory carrying costs are reduced.

Merge in Transit